Killing ships going to a gate

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I read somewhere "just remember, unless a ship is going to a gate - don't kill it, it's still registered to a station & you can be punished"
What does it mean ? I can hide behind a planet and jump on ships that are trying to leave the system ?
Kill them and I don't get punished ?
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It means that if you kill that ship, and another friendly ship/station is nearby, you will be taken to court for piracy the next time you dock with certain stations or ships. Depending on how the trial goes and where it takes place you can be released (not guilty), or when guilty, sentenced with a fine (game over if you don't have enough credits to pay) and/or loosing your military ID or sentenced for life in prison (game over)

So if you want to kill the ship, make sure there are no other green dots in your LRS.....
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Also, it's usually better to just admit guilty and pay a fee, especially if it's your first offense.
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Here is a repost of something I posted here in 2012. I do not think anything changed.
If you are arrested by the Commonwealth, you face two options: plead "Guilty" or "Not Guilty".

If you plead "Guilty", you are convicted. If your crime was mass destruction (i.e., you blew up a Commonwealth station), you are automatically imprisoned, and the game is over. For lesser crimes, such as piracy and slave trading, the Commonwealth employs a "three strikes and you're out" policy. The first conviction fines the player 5,000 credits. The second conviction fines the player 25,000 credits. The third conviction imprisons the player, ending the game. If the player cannot afford the fine, his ship is confiscated, ending the game.

If you plead "Not Guilty", you have a 25% chance of winning the trial due to lack of evidence. If you fail, you are convicted. If your crime was mass destruction, you are imprisoned. If you have been convicted by the Commonwealth before, you are imprisoned. Otherwise, you are fined 25,000 credits. If you cannot pay the fine, you lose your ship and the game.

What does all of the above mean? You should plead "Not Guilty" when any of the following apply:
* Your crime is mass destruction.
* You have been convicted by the Commonwealth twice before.
* You do not have enough credits to pay the fine.

In other words, plead "Not Guilty" when the outcome of a conviction is losing the game, regardless of your plea option.

* You may say "But wait! I have insurance!"
Yes, insurance will save your game from ending. However, the crime was not resolved, and the trial outcome was not tracked by the game. You will be arrested again if you are dumb enough to dock at any Commonwealth station. Since the penalties will be the same as before, you might as well plead "Not Guilty" for a 25% chance of avoiding imprisonment.
Also, there may be hardcoded subtle behaviors implemented in recent versions that I am not terribly familiar with. If you kill enough friendlies in a given sovereign, entities of that sovereign may turn hostile the moment they are shot instead of warning with "Watch your targets!"
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