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Militia Lieutenant
Militia Lieutenant
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So while it's known that Transcendence is the money maker for Kronosaur, we can think about ideas to monetise Anacreon in the future too? This will 1. allow George to invest more in its development, 2. provide a more solid and robust game with more content perhaps in the form of expansions...

I see right at the bottom of the website there are deadlinks to a Heavy Industries and Secret Weapons Expansion, are those some things which could be likely be happening in the foreseeable near future?

Personally I really wouldn't mind paying a good amount of $$ to see this go further... although I'd be opposed to anything subscription-based. Trans is 10 bucks on Steam which is a damn good deal with all the content we're getting. I think something around that price range would be great for Anacreon too.
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Militia Captain
Militia Captain
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I believe Imperial Conflict, another game in this genre, tracks win-losses and awards medals in prestige games that you can only join if you subscribe or pay a one-time fee. IIRC You can also pay for cosmetic stuff like a custom empire flag (presumably somebody watches these to avoid obscene/offensive stuff).

However it is a very old game and doesn't reflect modern monetization strategies.
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