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george moromisato
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I'm sad to see the news today that sci-fi author Jerry Pournelle has died.

When I was writing Anacreon back in the 80s, Jerry Pournelle had a column in BYTE magazine called Chaos Manor, in which he talked about whatever was on his mind, but mostly reviewed the PC software and hardware that he was experimenting with.

When I finished the first version of the game, I sent Pournelle a copy for him to review. I was delighted when a few weeks later he called me at home. 90% of the conversation was him reporting a slew of bugs, but I was thrilled nonetheless. His review of Anacreon in BYTE is something that I'm proud of, despite his (very fair) assessment that it needed more polish. [ ... 5/mode/2up]

If you haven't read any of his books, I recommend The Mote in God's Eye and its sequel (The Gripping Hand).

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