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Militia Lieutenant
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Recently I'm having people spawn next to my empire, take out a few undefended worlds and abdicate shortly afterwards. Namely "Federation of Sol", who even had the same capital name as me (Terra) for a while, which is why I'm guessing it was deliberate. This is getting quite annoying especially since it's an excellent method for trolling with little to no consequences (except wasted time, maybe?). Probably something to be addressed in future iterations of the game. Perhaps a cooldown timer on the abdication option after attacking a larger empire unprovoked? Or this timer could scale in proportion to the Imperial Might difference between attacker and defender.

Edit: upon further thought, it seems this still wouldn't have much of an effect beyond obligating the larger defending empire to take the trouble of sending out a fleet to annihilate the potential troll empire, essentially having the same effect as abdication except with extra work being done on the part of the victim.

A better solution might be to prevent spamming new empire creation/abdication from the same IP address? This would dissuade trolls from respawning their empire until they get close enough to their target, as well as preventing legitimate players from spawn-scumming good starting world locations (although I must admit I was guilty of this myself as I re-spawned my empire until I could get the "good" strategic nebula-locked starting capital world :wink: )
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I was thinking a solution might be needed too... though I did find it somewhat humorous (though it could get annoying quick).
I also figured it was player with a larger empire who had decided to create new little empires to engage in some sort of Guerrilla warfare.

On that note:
I find one issue which bothers me, is it is incredibly difficult to defend worlds. Especially with Imperial Guards, who appear to die off very quickly. I think they need a longer shelf-life. I've been moving thousands of Imperial Guards to my planets, but within days they quickly dropping to zero. Once an empire spans over 100 worlds, (actually even less), it becomes incredibly tedious trying to defend them.

And in the end, especially with the fact that losing a Sector Capital, means losing additional worlds, the only real strategy is to focus all defense on the Sector Capitals and setting all remaining worlds to build no defenses at all, as they really serve very little value in actually defending your worlds.

One other suggestion, is I think planetary defenses should be stronger and able to build more. Even by increasing the defaults, from say 5% to 10% of production, you still aren't able to build up defenses that will really stand up to any fleet. I think building a sprawling empire would be more rewarding, if in fact, your could actually defend it from attack. But as mentioned by others, the game currently really favors the offensive - especially an intense quick attack targeting all of an sector capitals (and capital) - while the other player is off-line :cry: .
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Militia Lieutenant
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in the past I have experienced attack like that from a troll empire named Medusa. It took 1 planet every single day . Every day Medusa abdicated than respowned and continue to attack. It was succesful cause all my planets were undefended except for the capitals.. a really annoying problem
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A 24 hour lock out penalty for abdicating would be a good incentive. It might encourage people to keep playing, or it may encourage people to quit playing after they abdicated. Could go either way.

Spammer accounts could be easily squashed by auto-abdication of any current empires within the Era that they are attempting to open another empire in.

Both of these would also murder CAPITAL SEARCHING :evil:
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