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Right now all Anacreon games have one scenario, Fallen Worlds. In this thread we can brainstorm other ideas for game scenarios.

All the Dark Places: Much higher spatial clustering of planets, with big voids between planetary clusters.

They Should Have Planned a Hardy Brute: Imperial capitals start at TL5. Worlds in empires do not rise beyond TL 3 by default. No tech programs except on the capital. Foundation trade routes are at least twice as expensive. A "classic" Anacreon experience.

Galaxy of Gimmicks: It appears to be possible to randomly assign planets attributes that grant modifiers to resource labor cost. You could have a scenario where every single planet has a gimmick, e.g. light jumpdrives cost 50% less labor or Eldritches cost 25% less labor. This would strongly influence how players assign planetary designations and make some planets incredibly desirable.

Wraparound: map wraps around in both directions. No corners, you can always attack or be attacked from any direction.

Transpace Nursery: Focus is on continuous player activity. If you stop conquering planets your empire is eventually destroyed. This is because planet positions actually move over time, although at a rate of less than 1 LY / period. Planets are continually generated in the center of the map with a specific bearing, they follow this bearing in a straight line out towards the edge of the map, where they are destroyed. There is a circular rift zone at least 250 LY in diameter at the center of the map. Planets cannot be seen or interacted with until they pass the edge of this rift zone. For simplicity, there are no nebular resources in this game scenario (so no ramjets) and no Mesophon worlds. The game engine would need code to handle planetary movement; to remove planets from the game; to check sector capital control radius periodically; to check whether planets have changed nebular environment, and to automatically break trade routes when they get too long.
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