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Militia Captain
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Anyone have some insight into how the social order system works? How workingConditions interacts with revIndex and other social order related stuff?

I don't really understand what triggers the different messages about social order in the news. Right now my impression is that you can stop the "laborers protest for better working conditions" message by building every single available defense structure and assigning zero labor to them. If so, that doesn't really seem like it is working as intended. These structures can be built rapidly and for free; there is basically no reason to not build every defense structure on every planet and then just turn them off while you enjoy high social order everywhere.

What actual effect does the "industry groups demand greater military defense" have? I've been playing this game for years and have never had the slightest curiosity about how much many military units are actually needed to stop it, since it's vague and doesn't seem to have any meaningful effect on anything.

In short, I never look at the news tab on any planet since it never seems to matter.
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