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General discussion for the game Anacreon
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So with the Era 4 announcement (thanks George!) I see about 5 new players on the Era 3 map. WatchTV's guide is linked in the announcement but the Era 3 general discussion thread has become a bit bogged down with Era 4 balance discussion so I thought I'd make this thread for anyone just dipping their toes for the first time in the wartorn, gigadeath filled waters of Anacreon. I'll get things started with a few useful bits of information for anyone starting now before Era 4 begins:

- Eras are game versions. When George finished a development sprint on Anacreon we get a new map named after that Era. We are currently on the Era 3 map which has been going for about a year. Eras have lasted 1-3 years in the past, this is the "length" of an Anacreon game. Empires will rise and fall many times over the course of a game.

- The Era 3 map will continue after the Era 4 one is released and people will still play on it, just less than currently as most people will focus on their Era 4 empires. But the map won't be wiped and people will still have empires on it, so you aren't wasting your time if you start an Era 3 empire now.

- Now is a pretty good time to start. The two largest empires, which controlled almost half of the 5,000 worlds on the map between them, have both fallen so there's space to expand.

What's coming for Era 4?

Here's what is planned to come out of the Era 4 dev sprint. No major changes to game systems, so you shouldn't have to relearn core game mechanics:

- Bugfuxes
- A better nebula generation system (and more bugfixes)
- Unit balance and new units
- Better UI stuff for messages, empire colours, general quality of life.
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Can this be stickied?

Or perhaps reposted to the bottom of the Announcement.

The people on the Era 3 map should probably be sent an in-game message or something that an Era 4 map is coming up in a few weeks, else it's going to be a very lonely galaxy. If they want to restart then or something. Wayward Device if your empire still exists and has vision of the map, you could do that? One of those empires (Commonwealth of Man) is mine, though, I made it for testing.
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