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george moromisato
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FYI: I just updated the Terms of Service to include a section on writing scripts and bots. The section reads:
You may write non-commercial scripts and/or bots to access any of our services, provided you adhere to community rules: don't try to gain unauthorized access, don't degrade the service for others, and don't do anything illegal.

You may create non-commercial, alternate UIs and access methods for any of our services, provided you adhere to the community rules. For example, you may create an alternate Anacreon client that connects to the official Anacreon server.

You may not distribute commercial products that connect to any of our services without prior permission.

In all cases, we reserve the right to alter service APIs as we deem appropriate.
My intent is to have a very permissive policy that encourages people to write scripts (or even alternate clients). At the same time, if bots change the playing experience for human players, then we reserve the right to change the game and/or APIs. In particular, I don't want human players to feel that they are at a disadvantage when playing against bots.

Let me know what you all think and I can clarify/change as needed.
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Sounds very reasonable George.
Will be interesting to see what people come up with.
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