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george moromisato
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I've updated the server with the new Siege Mechanics. They turned out to be much more complicated than I thought, so there's still a few rough edges. Here's how it works (roughly):

1. If you're conquering independent worlds, nothing changes (no siege).
2. If you're conquering another empire's world, then after you land troops and defeat the ground forces, you will start a siege of the world.
3. You must maintain a certain number of attacking troops on the world for at least one cycle to succeed. The News pane for the world will tell you whether you have enough troops and how much longer the siege will last.
4. In that time, the defender may put more troops on the world (using normal Transfer command). These forces will fight against siege forces (causing attrition on both sides).
5. The attacker may add troops to the siege by attacking the planet again (and landing more troops).
6. A third party may invade the world during a siege. If they can defeat both defending forces and siege forces, then they start their own siege (and the previous siege is cancelled).

There are likely to be lots of bugs and limitations, so please feel free to report anything strange or confusing. And of course, let me know what you think of the mechanics in general.
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george moromisato wrote:
Tue Jul 03, 2018 7:04 pm
There are likely to be lots of bugs and limitations, so please feel free to report anything strange or confusing. And of course, let me know what you think of the mechanics in general.
Sounds like things are progressing nicely, George.

There are a few display bugs with regard to sieging worlds, I've documented a few so far on Ministry:

1. Siege News tab erroneously reports NaN elements, as if a civil war was in progress
2. No message is displayed in the notification pop-up when reinforcing a siege

My Trantorian Imperium has started waging a war of annihilation on the Terran Collective using the new mechanics, so I'll post here with the results from it soon.
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Wowww you finally did it..... SO COOL!

My question is this, what happens if you want to retreat?

Also, what if someone wants to merely defend his friend and not attack his friend's troops? Sounds to me like you can only attack both parties.

Also, Also, what would be the limit on the number of invading forces? At the moment there doesn't seem to be one, conceivably we could have a galaxy wide battle on one world..... :shock: :mrgreen:

What fun that would be, All the empires in the entire galaxy dumping their entire ground forces onto a single world to duke it out "King of the Hill" style. We could actually have champion wars where instead of taking an empire, you just dump your forces onto a world and let them fight until there is a winner, the loser has no troops left.
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What ever happened to the penalty for attacking a smaller Empire???? If this function is removed smaller Empires can be destroyed without the attacking Empire's people staging their dislike of an out right war on a peaceful Empire!
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:D I'M BACK! What have I missed!?
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Era 4 is coming. Eventually. George allocated 2 weeks for Anacreon dev, but the scope of new features/bugfixes turned out to be too much for that short time frame, so development of the New Era is still ongoing. Right now, there's an "Alpha" game which will be replaced by the real "Beta" game when development is complete.

Changes in Era 4:
  • There's now a siege system: invading worlds of other empires takes place over 24 hours instead of instantly. The attacker and defender can both reinforce the siege on either side.
  • New warp speed transports have been added: the Cetus, Luna, Orion and Seraph.
  • A lot of bugs have been fixed. Check Ministry for details. You can now even zoom into a moving fleet without the client hanging.
  • New icons for most units have been added. Starships look awesome while infantry looks a bit potato, but that's okay :lol:
  • The interface has been overhauled, there's new map view modes: military and resources.
Another important development is that SungSlaver231 made a tool to hook into the API of the game, long story short that means a lot of tedious actions can be automated via clever use of scripting. E.g. buying more than 1000 ships at a time. George is okay with this, as long as they aren't used for a malicious purpose. I've written a few handy scripts for people to use, check out "Project Terminus"in my signature below.

Important: we now have a Discord channel which is pretty active. The invite is in the first stickied post of this forum. A lot of discussion has moved there from the forums, and I suspect when Era 4 starts for real all the diplomatic talks, saber-rattling and threats of war will be happening there too. Do check it out!
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