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For all your Anacreon Era 5 questions.

Watch TV, Do Nothing's Anacreon Era 3 Reference and FAQ is still pretty much the best manual you will get for this game. The only real change in Era 5, apart from some minor unit rebalances, is that it now takes 1 cycle (IRL day) to invade a planet. You ground forces will land and the defender has the chance to reinforce with ground units. Oh, and nebulas work properly now and are drawn on a hex grid.

Since The Ranch asked me in game, here is some advice for making trade hubs work:

- All worlds need Consumer Goods Autofac planet products (organic food, durable goods, luxuries) and trillum from a Trillum Extractor. If they make either of these two categories of product they will supply their own need before exporting.

- Make sure all worlds are importing TOO and FROM the hub. Make sure whatever is being imported by the hub is set to 100% for every world. That way the hub will import all the excess products and distribute them to worlds that need
them (as long as the trade route is set up).

- You can see any shortages in what the hub is distributing by clicking on the planet and then the production tab. This will let you know what you need more of.

- Make sure each world is at the correct tech level, is being used in the best way and has all the population upgrades. You should build a Foundation next to each hub use it to control planet tech levels. Consumer Goods Autofacs should always be Tech Level 8 (it's the best balance of production against the higher luxury demands of TL9&10).

-Earthlike and Ocean worlds should always be used as CGAs if possible, they get a bonus to Organic Food.

- All other planets should be TL10 unless you want them to be able to make a specific low tech unit for some reason.

I hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions.
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