The Resurrection of The Bug King

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Militia Lieutenant
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Found in the dark recess of the multiverse, lost among dark reaches of forbidden corners, there lied the King of the Bugzzzzzzz. The entity found it perfectly preserved, shimmering only one degree Kelvin above becoming a super-fluid. Trembling with fear, aw, reverence, the entity knew at last, after long ages of searching, the Tomb of the King of the Bugzzzzzzz had been discovered. Hidden away after the destruction of its empires, those victorious over the Bugz had sought to be rid of the Bug King for all time. However, some force kept it, preserving it for a time unknown.

The entity was aided by another, without name or location. Together, they strove towards the goal, and discovered it they did.

Taken by surprise in his resting place, The Bug King perceived a presence in his eternal slumber. He reached out with what small measure of power that was keeping him from dissolving away into the absolute, he touched a consciousness. He consumed it. He took in that consciousness and became aware, then awake, then opened the eyes, and took the first breath of eons.

The darkness shimmered around The Bug King as he stood, glistening with a golden-ruby energy. The stars were gone, and he was surrounded by darkness except that light which he produced. Summoning his power, fully awake and burning, he took a step forward. The ground shattered from being touched, fragile. "This will be my presence in the galaxy, my footsteps shall shatter those who I walk on." The next step, he pushed himself through the void into the galaxy with his will. The Bugzzzzzzz were manifest around him, summoned from those places between where they had been banished to.

And the Galaxy did quake from the arrival of the Bugzzzzzzz.
Fire, Fire, Fire;
Streaks of golden light,
Rays of cosmic waves crashing through still dead night.

Gifts of diamond rays,
Strewn pearls of days not measured,
Treasured gleaming quests fade through the absolute oblivion of infinite time, no matter the direction.

And war died the day it noticed itself,
Peace, yet still dead, peace in the void of voids.
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