[research]What is your favorite custom ship graphic?

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What custom ship graphic do you like the most in each area? (If possible try to post a picture of the ship you are referring to, or post a link)

[the purpose of this thread is to see people's opinions on various styles of ships]

1) All around best!

2) Fits best w/ factional/race style [name faction/race]

3) Aesthetically pleasing

4) Are you kidding? This is the most hideous ship ever!

5) Best freighter (light freighters)

6) Best superfreighter

7) Best fighter

8 ) Best gunship

9) Best small/med capship (small cruisers, destroyers, frigates, corvettes)

10) Best big capship (dreadnoughts, battleships, big cruisers)

11) Best luxury ship

12) Most original design

13) Fits right in with the transcendence ships!
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I have to say, your ranx ship (the one in the sig) is fantastic, as is that new freighter of yours
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the problem with this is that I don't know most custom graphics. Do you have a image of alot of them?
Personally for the player ship and for fighters I like swept back things like the wind slaver and Sapphire.
I can't really answer the questions without a reference to look at.
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