Funkyness with ship objects in global list

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09/09/2013 14:40:53	Loaded game file version: 100080c
09/09/2013 14:41:03	Object registered with CFW: Stephinian auton
09/09/2013 14:41:47	Jenna got registered with CFW
09/09/2013 14:41:47	Object registered with CFW: Jenna
09/09/2013 14:41:53	Loaded game file version: 100080c
09/09/2013 14:42:03	Firing the CFW AngryTentacles event
09/09/2013 14:42:03	Firing a CFW event: AngryTentacles
09/09/2013 14:42:03	Evaluating CFW event priority of: Sapphire-class yacht
09/09/2013 14:42:03	Evaluating CFW event priority of: Centauri raider
09/09/2013 14:42:03	Firing event on winner: 
09/09/2013 14:42:03	No binding for symbol [CFWreturnval] ### (eq CFWreturnval Nil) ###
09/09/2013 14:42:35	End logging session

So apparently, if I store ships in a list, those references become invalid when the game is saved and loaded? Any suggestions for how to correct this problem?


Also, saving/dying and immediately reloading the save without exiting the game seems to leave as many empty entries in the list as there were in it before the game ended. That's definitely a bug.


And either saving, exiting, and loading again or changing systems (dunno which exactly, done bugtesting the game for now :P) seems to erase the list entirely. Dunno if that's a bug or not.


Ah, didn't notice there was a new version out. Updating fixed the problem. Whoopsie!
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