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Militia Captain
Militia Captain
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The items listed in an ItemListDisplay screen control box appear to sort by level and then alphabetically.
So highest level items appear first then lower level items, etc. If two items have the same level they seem to sort alphabetically.

Possibly this is the auto-sort feature which sorts the list display also applying to the ItemListDisplay boxes.

Some way of the box displaying items in the list order that is fed to the scrSetControlValue code would be ideal.

Updating the WeaponLabBeta mods to use these would be better if the mounts could be displayed first, then the weapon chambers and then the fire module. That way the player could check quickly which weapon could be dismantled for the desired component.
It would also mimic the order in which custom weapons are assembled.

Is it possible to override this auto-sort feature (if that's what is happening) so items can be displayed in other orders?
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