Do missile guidelines still apply after the weapon rebalance?

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Sat Jul 27, 2019 11:46 pm

Question as title. Link for reference:

After the weapon rebalance around 1.7, some time after the creation of the ticket, mass and stuff shifted around.

I noticed Strelkas use ultra-light, but their propulsion is 600.

NAMI missiles uses medium guidelines, but some qualify as light instead of medium.

Then, something like S3 Medusa that is far beyond heavy, with several thousand propulsion (which caps at 2000 in the ticket).

I think all but ultra-light end up producing too much smoke. I find myself wanting to use ultra-light for most missiles (smaller than M2 Vulcan or M5 Nemesis) and an imaginary ultra-ultra-ultra-light for anything akin to Strelkas. At the same time, I want to honor the guidelines as used by standard missiles like NAMI missiles, Strelkas, Gothas, and the like.
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