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After over a decade of waiting for it to happen... we started work on it ourselves over the weekend.

https://github.com/FlufflesTheMicrosaur ... ate_branch

T64 is currently WIP and almost completely compiles - its just running into some linking issues now. Theres bound to be some issues even once it successfully builds stemming from george's overuse of ints throughout the engine however.


(For those wondering, our github username came from the eponymous Fluffles who was a microsaur character-turned-meme from a run of transcendence alpha testing the then-new velociraptor from TSB, which at the time had no restrictions on weapons that could be mounted, leading to an octo-fusionfire loadout (3x dual fusionfire + 2x sidemount fusionfire))
(shpOrder gPlayership 'barrelRoll)
(plySetGenome gPlayer (list 'Varalyn 'nonBinary))
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