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Here's a good one.

the game is called n. Just n. Makes it kind of confusing with all the typos that can occur.

Another good one is Playing with Fire 2. Google it. I can't find the addicting link It's a fun game, but you gotta play full screen.
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I know I'm doing something like advertising a website here and it's not very nice, however this website has tons of free games reviews with links to their authors.

I just found it and I discovered many good games on it, so I just wanted to share with all you guys.
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It's actually an online flash game, but this is the first video game I ever played- Battle city/tank for the Nintendo Famicom/NES. It's also one of my favorites. Beware- you blow up in one hit, so its not uncommon to die even on level 1.
Quick rundown of how to play:
Enter selects/starts level1
Ctrl is used in the menu
arrow keys control your tank
x and z fire your cannon (doesn't matter which one you choose to use)
The basic enemy tank is slow, dies in one hit, and shoots slow
The fat square thing with 6 wheels dies in one hit and shoots slow too, but it moves very fast
The tank with what looks like a hook of sorts on the back is like the first, but shoots fast
The long rectangular tank is very slow and shoots slow, but takes many hits to die
You need to protect the bird flag at the bottom of the screen. If it blows up, you lose.
As far as I know, 2 player mode is not supported...
When hit, a flashing tank provides an upgrade somewhere on your screen
Star- upgrades your tank's gun (fires faster)
Hard hat- temporary shield
Shovel- temporary invulnerability on base
Clock- stops time temporarily for everyone but you
Bomb- kills all enemy tanks on screen

Ultimate Tank is another game (for the PC) that was based off of Battle City. I can't remember where I found it though.
You no longer blow up in 1 hit, so the first few levels arn't too challenging...

Plays mostly the same, but there are more (and different) upgrades. I recommend you read the "help" section.

I forgot where to download it though >.< :oops:
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The ultimate Pong clone ... d_game.htm

Played this one alot! :wink:
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Militia Lieutenant
Militia Lieutenant
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online only MMOG persistent space ship trading and fighting game with huge universes and player built and run economies. 90% of the game is playable for free, but there is some features and sections you have to have a paid account for.

If y'all like it, look me up in the Orion universe under the pilot named 'Samus Arran' (note the 2 Rs) of the Alliance "The Outlanders" 8) (shameless plug, I know)
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Advanced Strategic Command
Alien Abduction:
Head over heels remake:
Diablo look-a-like ShadowFlare: Episode One
Combat arms:
TrackMania Nations Forever: ... (Free-Game
Trackmania nations: ...
Dwarf Fortress:
La Mulana:
Cortex Command:
De Blob: ... 1276&forum_...
The Incredible Machine: ... achine.php
Chromatron (Incredible Machine look-a-like):
Dangerous Dave
Dizzy ... ction_f/di...
Ultima 5 Lazarus mod ... nloads.php
Sherwood Dungeon:
Mario Forever Galaxy: ... 65259.html
Mario Forever 4.1: ... 44976.html
Ocular ink: ... 46376.html
Icy Tower
Eternal daughter
Pekka Kana 2
Dink Smallwood
People's General
Fantasy General
Panzer general + Adlercorps mod
Glace ... /glace.htm
DROD ... _8107.html
Knytt, Knytt stories, Within a deep forest:
Little fighter
N: The way of the ninja
Strange attractors1
Nethack-graphic interface
Cube, Sauerbraten (Cube 2)
Stick soldiers
The streets of rage remake is a great and faithful remake to the classic sega series.
Savage (FPS / RTS mix)
(download mirrors)
Savage 2 (FPS / RTS mix)
An Untitled Story
Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of mysteries:
Winboardx rybka ... ated-setup
Spelunky (la Mulana meets Nethack)
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Some of those are abandonware. IANAL but I don't think U.S. copyright law has that category, but EU copyright law does AFAIK. At least abandonware sites I've heard of seem to be European.

Also, Lazarus isn't really free. It's a total conversion of Dungeon Siege and that game you have to pay for. A lot of people consider that worth the price just for Lazarus though, which is a good thing because it's not considered a very good game.
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huge list! :D

Unfortunately Atarlost is right, some of them are still games from abandonware websites. :(

I can see Samorost (flash game) that I enjoyed a lot.
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Ok. Tell moderators to delete that entries.
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Those interested in older games might try
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Militia Lieutenant
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panzer wrote:Ok. Tell moderators to delete that entries.
no, dont. that's a good list of free games.
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