Favorite video game characters

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Josep Maria
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Kid from Radical Dreamers/Chrono Cross ;)
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Militia Commander
Militia Commander
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Best is Sly. I have an Trilogy on PS3 :D
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Militia Lieutenant
Militia Lieutenant
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Anyone from a Harvest Moon Game And Mileena(From Mortal Combat)
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Sly(Series) Ratchet(Crack in time, All 4 one) Sonic(Generations, Heroes) And amateretsu(Okami)
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This guy has to be my favourite
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Commonwealth Pilot
Commonwealth Pilot
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Unnamed dude from Doom, Juni from Knytt Stories.
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Militia Commander
Militia Commander
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Tamagoyaki wrote:Unnamed dude from Doom
His name is Doom Guy, actually. XD

For me... Final Fantasy VI, Edgar; the entire cast is pretty badass in various ways though.
Mark D
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Mario. The best character ever. I enjoy even now playing Mario Cart on N64. A very cool game, that keeps you 24h really tentioned.
Militia Commander
Militia Commander
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I have to go with Redmund from Whiplash, Commander Keen, Yuffie from FF7, Princess Peach from Mario RPG or SMB2 (although watching Toad dig super fast is neat too) and Samus from Metroid. In no particular order.
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Fleet Admiral
Fleet Admiral
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Amariithynar wrote:
Tamagoyaki wrote:Unnamed dude from Doom
His name is Doom Guy, actually. XD
Warning contains Doom level violence and ungodly levels of NARM.

And personally, I'm going to go with Gordon Freeman (I'm a Half Life junkie, what can I say?), Jebediah Kerman and the various characters that turn up in Dwarf Fortress.
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Militia Captain
Militia Captain
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That was Worse than Doom: repercussions of evil!
It was worse than > fanfiction!

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