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Wed Jul 31, 2013 6:21 pm

Hi all,
today I would like to talk about Interstellar Moai Rangers
First of all, this game is a Ludum Dare game, if you don't know what is that, you should have a look at here (it's a thrice a year international programming competition in which a programmer makes a videogame in 48 hours):

IMR is a "chase-view shooter" and a clone of Space Harrier. Space Harrier was an incredible "fake 3D" game for the C64 and other platforms that kept many players hooked for years (and me too!).

This is really an obscure videogame genre! :P

Another "chase-view" shooter is Buck Rogers for the C64 and other platforms, even if Buck Rogers is more similar to the ol' good F-Zero for NES.

Another one is Star Fox for Nintendo 64:

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