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Sun Sep 22, 2013 5:05 am

I'm recently playing evo. Got to the point where I can buy both the Igazra and the UE cruiser. The thing is, I've read on many (dead) forums about ships. Most say the two are about equally good, and are the best buyable ships in the game, but after I have checked the stats, it would seem the cruiser is nothing compared to the Igazra. The Igazra is faster and more maneuverable, it has more shield+armor sum, and a significant quantity at that(almost 1500, I think) both can mount the same amount of weapons, the Igazra has a lot more energy, and lasty it's smaller than the cruiser. The cruiser is so big it can forget the word dodge, but the Igazra may be able to dodge some slow shots. The only advantage I see in the cruiser is that it looks better. Can anyone tell me if the cruiser has more advantages? I'm really curious because it's not easy getting enough money for any of the ships.

Also, this topic can be used for general chat about EVO.
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