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Mon Sep 23, 2013 3:08 pm

I started making a game way back in the 7th grade, I'm close to 40 now (be 39 in a month) so it's been a while. It's gone through many "incarnations" over the years but now it's meant to be an MMORPG. (I have an almost complete ruleset to play it PnP style, the PnP version only lacks a fully fleshed out character creator and that's exceptionally complicated)

I went to a programming school 9 years ago hoping to pick up the skills needed to actually start coding the game, but the classes were changed halfway through form a straight programming course to a "web development" course, so I got a half-ass education in programming and a half-ass education in web development. My associates in web development is/was worthless and I wish I'd gone to welding school instead lol.

Anyway, my website can be found here

The game is named so because the idea for the universe it takes place in is from a bunch of stories I used to tell my kids before bed and over dinner.

Since my heat stroke and subsequent brain cooking I've slowed down even more on updates, to the point that I find it hard to decipher my own html. Everything a person needs to know can be found in the readme for why the game is in it's current state, minus the heat stroke part.

I'm never going to be able to finish it now, so even though it's all legal copyrighted I hereby grant permissions to anyone that want's to borrow stuff from it. Ideas, races, techs, whatever you find useful. All I ask is you give credit to CHZ/CRG, which is me.

I've had 2 dreams that I tried hard to complete in my life.
1. I wanted to be an astronaut, but bad eyesight put a stop to this.
2. Make this game, but a cooked brain put a stop to this.

It would be invigorating and awesome in so many ways to see something in this game inspire someone else, because I'm done now. My dream is finished.

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