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Got a message in my email about a PM, which surprised me (given the last time I'd ever posted in a forum about Transcendence, it was hosted on neurohack). I don't know who the crop of current mods are, so I'm posting this here instead of PM.

To any administrators: AlexeywhinE is posting spam. I've left the PM in my inbox; I'm sure you've got access to it if you need to know what was posted.

Glad to see that Transcendence is still alive and kicking. I used to be one player who didn't believe in auto-targeting weapons; I doubt my agility today would support that view.

Also: Anacreon reboot blurb - "With support for hundreds of simultaneous players, thousands of worlds,.." As someone who remembers playing the DOS version of 4021...WTF?!
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 My bad. I’d gotten another report of spam from that account already, but got RL’d and forgot to properly deal with it.

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