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[quick fan-fic thing]

Message received: RE:Worrying developments
Destination: Sebenkia/External events/research/DeptLead/B773

Message Follows:

Sir, there have been worrying developments of late indeed. A search of the subject's home world turned up this log:

"The land was desolate, like the mind, wiped clean by amnesia- confused, empty, yet with so much beneath the surface, the barest trace revealed to the observant.

How appropriate then, that I returned to those forsaken rock to find myself, to sit amongst the rocks and contemplate, perhaps, that who I really was would reveal itself But it was not to be- the barren land revealed to me as much as a blank slate- one could as much see what had been written there before as a child draws meaning from literature.

I had lost myself years past, among the stars. Blinded by their glory I forgot who I was, lost my path and became empty, a shell of what once was, knowing only the cold taste of steel and the heat of pain.

Perhaps if fate were not so cruel, I would not be here, treading this path that I know so well, yet not at all- the only path I see, as if to tread the path with my feet would allow me to also follow with my mind and reveal sights I knew I had seen before, yet had not- the rugged landscape somehow etched with the events of my life, a story I could re-learn. Yet it was not to be- the path is vague and indistinct, and meaning to be drawn a blur- Is this rock me, or am I to create my self- the momentous moments the peaks of great mountains, foothills tracing the way?

Do I embrace the stars and their blindness once more, following my path though feeling, or do I embrace the darkness, hoping that I would see again, the path I used to know illuminated?

Decisions like these led me here, but no further. I have decided to carve my own path, to build my own mountains.

I shall return to the stars, but I shall not be blinded. I will snuff them out, one by one, and they will fear me."

As you are no doubt aware, the world of Seveta-812 was a thriving colony several years ago, and it appears that the subject returned here. Interpretation is important, but I think anyone can understand the final section. We may all be in danger. Act soon.

Message ends.
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