Book 3 of the Chocoverse Series

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Wed Oct 16, 2019 6:51 pm

This is of course way off topic but just had to share.

My wife is releasing book 3 of her Chocoverse series using Indiegogo (the first two were through Angry Robot Books out of England).
Book one starts with a world where aliens came and got the renewable commodities like plants and animals off of the internet but neglected to make sure they got a cacao plant, the source of chocolate. Now chocolate is the only thing earth has that the galaxy wants. It was written in they style of a telenovella but in book form.

Now she's already had book 2 published and book 3 is scheduled to be released next April. But we need people who are interested to help fund the project for things like cover art and professional editing.

If you or someone you know really likes space opera sci-fi please go there and help us fund this project. The link is

You can also check out her web page at
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