Request a modding tutorial

This is a moderated forum that collects tutorials, guides, and references for creating Transcendence extensions and scripts.
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Creating models is a hard and part of the more "artsy" component of graphics design.
To be honest I used some models from this

BTW, I pinged Xephyr and Digdug on IRC, hopefully one of them can make a tutorial.
Tutorial List on the Wiki and Installing Mods
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 …I now feel less bad about having a handful of those to poke at, myself…

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A tutorial on enhancements would be good. I believe that there were some changes recently.
Specifically what can be done to weapons, but all info would be good.
Also some info on the range available for enhancements. I think the range for increasing fire rate is 1 to 15 but is 15 faster or slower than 1. Some of the enhancement info I've seen is confusing like that.
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