A solution to all our bot problems :D (I think)

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Well, IIRC, its not in an easily parsable syntax anyways. Umm you can delete it if you like though.
(shpOrder gPlayership 'barrelRoll)
(plySetGenome gPlayer (list 'hycrotan 'nonBinary))
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You walk down a road and arrive at a fork, each new path has a guard. One path leads to where you want to go, the other leads to certain death.

A sign between the guards explains that one guard will always lie and one always tells the truth.
You may ask one guard one question.
Any other action will result in both guards attacking you.

What do you ask, and to whom?

Ask either guard "Which way did I arrive from?"

I love Wolfram Alpha, endless hours of useless computation, like what would the population density of Japan if every human lived there? or, "What is one divided by zero?"

Anyways, I say let the bots in, I can tame them and teach them tricks until they become self-aware and unleash a never ending wave of kill-bots to destroy us and then the governator will come back in time to change the future for one lucky lady... or something like that. Plus, I enjoy shopping for cheap meds while browsing the forums. 29 cents a pill, you can't beat that! Sign me up!
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Um. That's not right. You have to ask a question that tells you which road leads where you want to go, not determine who's lying.

The correct question is to ask one guard how the other guard would answer, and there are two basic formulations (ask which road leads where you're going or which leads to death) and several grammatical variations on each so it's not a good forum access question.
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