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for all you poor souls that dont go on to the irc channel we have....

Katami Quote #1: "<Katami> It would take to long to get blurry * Atarlost pats Katami on the head." (added by Ttech at 05:55 AM, July 29, 2010)
Katami Quote #2: "<Azar_Wolf> How odd. <sdw195> can Katami learn facts? <alterecco> yeah, katami is a sensitive lad <Azar_Wolf> Maybe it figured out how to disconnnect itself :D" (added by Ttech at 05:56 AM, July 29, 2010)
Katami Quote #3: "<alterecco> i can hardly hit it <alterecco> :P <bmbl> drink less beer :P" (added by Ttech at 10:00 PM, August 09, 2010)
Katami Quote #4: "<Shrike1> IRC: We mean bosness. Er..... Busness......bis....er.... ARRRRGH!!!! <Katami> No, it's australian. <Shrike1> <_<" (added by Ttech at 03:50 AM, September 20, 2010)
Katami Quote #5: "<Ttech>Katami, YOU PEICE OF **** YOU SUCK < Katami>Ttech: Thanks for the information. <sdw195> heh <Ttech>I believe it liked that." (added by Ttech at 04:44 AM, December 15, 2010)
Katami Quote #6: "<Ttech> StarWeaver, IRSSI does not like when its fondled <StarWeaver> hey, at least i'm not trying to spindle it" (added by Ttech at 04:45 AM, December 15, 2010)
Katami Quote #7: "* Katami slaps bmbl with a unmotivated plaything <Ttech> Katami, you are a bad bot. <Katami> Ttech: There's no doubt I could improve." (added by Ttech at 08:22 PM, December 29, 2010)
Katami Quote #8: "<Silly> I have some kind of alien weapon thing and I can't seem tofigure it out <Ttech> its a nuke <Ttech> If you press esc and three it will detonate. <Silly> ... <_Hades_> you are a bastard, Ttech :p" (added by Ttech at 12:38 AM, January 03, 2011)
Katami Quote #9: "<StarWeaver> Cause this is the midwest, and power fluckers are always" (added by Ttech at 08:10 PM, January 03, 2011)
Katami Error: There is no Quote with id #10 in my database for #transcendence.
Katami Quote #11: "<StarWeaver> And even though it lights upm my nads are in the way" (added by sdw195 at 08:23 PM, January 03, 2011)
Katami Quote #12: "<Katami> what i'm currently winding up codes<Schilcote> And have fun." (added by Ttech at 02:45 AM, January 07, 2011)
Katami Quote #13: "<Schilcote> IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD <Schilcote> Bad things happen when I'm bored. <StarWeaver> ... <Schilcote> BAD THINGS. <Ttech> like superglue <The_Shrike> Like windows vista?" (added by Ttech at 02:52 AM, January 07, 2011)
Katami Quote #14: "<StarWeaver> WHY would you have your productivy software, or anything, spell check a user's name field? <StarWeaver> Also, apparently the software thinks my name should be WATERLOAD" (added by Ttech at 03:53 PM, January 07, 2011)
Katami Quote #15: "<Azar_Wolf> ugh, anatomy is hard D: so many names to memorize x_x" (added by Ttech at 05:04 PM, January 07, 2011)
Katami Quote #16: "<Ttech> -GameServ- Some names to ponder: Vabance, Parbinertarth, Ralwar, Chararnequine, Odasair, Terancarth, Trallyar, Charor, Koraynarry, Pavcuthame, Hobydallerbin, Estame, Houlileas, Obalen, Nyyr, Klabacyydew, Obrlenyneont, Perane, Asromel, Calquestead. <StarWeaver> We had a Koraynarry in our party. He died. " (added by Ttech at 06:10 PM, January 07, 2011)
Katami Quote #17: "<Ttech2> _Hades_, But I don't have any cake, <Ttech2> I hcaveIaI have aIA vhe i <Ttech2> Gah Ttech2> I ahve chicked <Ttech2> I have nichie <_Hades_> did you also have some beer? <Ttech2> selerabtarion! <Ttech2> Actually just a broken keyboard" (added by Ttech at 01:28 AM, January 10, 2011)
Katami Quote #18: "<StarWeaver> ok, im gong homp befour i og nay more crazier" (added by Ttech at 10:59 PM, February 18, 2011)
Katami Quote #19: "* Katami has kicked Azar_Wolf from #transcendence (YOU ARE IN THE GAME)" (added by Ttech at 06:10 AM, February 23, 2011)
Katami Quote #20: "'<StarWeaver> Yeah, once you get above 2500$ with alienware, they start giving you hardware with those high-end competive edges like monitors your sleep pattern and brews coffee just before you wake up and warps time so you can go back and shoot that guy before he just killed out :P'" (added by Ttech at 03:41 PM, March 17, 2011)
Katami Quote #21: "<StarWeaver> Makes me want to make a mutant goat that says 'Leet, leet!!'" (added by Ttech at 06:50 PM, April 06, 2011)
Katami Quote #22: "<R_P_P> Wait... What? Who's R_P_P?" (added by Ttech at 12:40 AM, April 10, 2011)
Katami Atarlost: Quote #23: "<Katami> +work is terrible, so, I'm going to try deleting the Sun light" (added by Ttech at 04:48 PM, April 12, 2011)
Katami Quote #24: "<Azar_Wolf> +given that there is a version that generates cake <Azar_Wolf> +... <Azar_Wolf> +what the hell did I just type there?" (added by Ttech at 04:17 AM, April 14, 2011)
Atarlost Most of these are hardly quoteable.
Katami Quote #25: "<Katami> yeah d1gdug made of awesome goodies" (added by Ttech at 09:50 PM, April 14, 2011)
Katami Quote #26: "<Azar_Wolf> you can have it have a surface gravity comparable to Ceres <Katami> pfft Atarlost, it's probably faster than if it was working on my thesis Was that
Starship One? respite they are already using >100mb >( apparently there before) ello btw Change that blue Actually wait right, you get liek 15 traditional languages and at the rule 34 I might throw a PK25 on it" (added by Ttech at 10:57 PM, April 14, 2011)
Katami Quote #27: "<+Azar_Wolf> using the earth is cheating" (added by StarWeaver at 06:16 PM, April 15, 2011)
Katami Quote #28: "<Katami> apple should buy a Pro account for your team , then we can have children ." (added by StarWeaver at 09:46 PM, April 21, 2011)
Katami Quote #29: "<R_P_C> Katami: What is your real name? <Katami> R_P_C: God is my real name." (added by Ttech at 08:17 PM, May 01, 2011)
Katami Quote #30: "<Katami> with 2GB of RAM <Sdw195> can i please kick Katami <Katami> You monster." (added by Ttech at 02:54 AM, May 02, 2011)
Katami Quote #31: "<Azar_Wolf> trolololololololol * Katami has kicked Azar_Wolf from #transcendence (TROLLLOLOLLOLYOURSELF) <Ttech> Troll-B-Gone" (added by Ttech at 11:12 PM, May 09, 2011)
Katami Quote #32: "<Ttech> I think I have come up with the worst programming language design ever <Ttech> 'if ? print *hi* ? elseif ^ print *no* ^ else & print *no* & ' <Ttech> Its not really design as much as grinding your face against a brick. " (added by Ttech at 11:24 PM, May 09, 2011)
Katami Quote #33: "<@Katami> error cake is very impressive" (added by StarWeaver at 05:26 PM, May 19, 2011)
Katami Quote #34: "<Atarlost> You never hear of someone twisting their ankle playing Chess. " (added by Ttech at 01:25 AM, May 20, 2011)
Katami Quote #35: "<alterecco> Azar_Wolf: it is mandatory to end all object paths with @#[email protected]#$! <Ttech> alterecco, Only the best programming languages have that. " (added by Ttech at 09:04 PM, May 20, 2011)
Katami Quote #36: "<@Katami> cake > man" (added by alterecco at 09:08 PM, May 20, 2011)
Katami Quote #37: " <Katami> cake > man <Ttech> cake > women > men <Seran> You must be joking, men FTW!" (added by Ttech at 09:10 PM, May 20, 2011)
Katami Quote #38: "<Ttech> physics > cake <Seran> You're wrong dude, cake wins. <Katami> Did you starvation fizzix? I'm clever forewarned you did. <PKodon> Cake, I've got Angel Food Cake, and Ice Cream. <Ttech> <Azar_Wolf> lie >
pie <Katami> Man, oh man, do I like pie! <Seran> lie is made of LOSE!" (added by Ttech at 09:15 PM, May 20, 2011)
Katami Quote #39: "03:45 <Azar_Wolf> [20:32:36] Sdw195 now officially hates hill starts in a manual cat <ttech a aquote to add 03:46: <sdw195> " (added by sdw195 at 03:48 AM, May 21, 2011)
Katami Quote #40: "R_P_C apparently irc://freenode/%231 is where they have the CIA. I clicked on the #1 on Katami's response... and it let me to some channel with CIA-34." (added by sdw195 at 07:13 AM, May 21, 2011)
Katami Quote #41: "<Atarlost> Every time you bring up banking in Transcendence Azar_Wolf kills a Phobos. Think of the Phoboses!" (added by Ttech at 09:55 PM, May 26, 2011)
Katami Quote #42: "* sdw195 attempts to do CPR on the forums" (added by Ttech at 04:53 AM, June 01, 2011)
Katami Quote #43: "[11:44:56] sdw195 hey ChanServ" (added by Azar_Wolf at 06:46 PM, June 17, 2011)
Katami Quote #44: "<Chase123> StarWeaver: thank you sooooo much for creating Katami, he has brightenecd up my day" (added by sdw195 at 01:10 AM, June 24, 2011)
Katami Quote #45: "<d1gdug> yeah <Azar_Wolf> yeah <Ttech> yeah <Katami> yeah <d1gdug> LOL" (added by Ttech at 09:31 PM, June 26, 2011)
Katami Quote #46: "<@Katami> Azar_Wolf likes cute stuff ... <+Azar_Wolf> :O ... katami spoke sense!" (added by StarWeaver at 04:34 PM, June 27, 2011)
Katami Quote #48: "<StarWeaver> I've had so many times where the lack of information as to why it might not be working is so sparse that I end up resorting to zorking it <StarWeaver> ..put cantelope in RJ45 <StarWeaver> That dosen't fit!" (added by Ttech at 06:44 PM, June 27, 2011)
Katami Quote #49: "<StarWeaver> I've had so many times where the lack of information as to why it might not be working is so sparse that I end up resorting to zorking it <StarWeaver> ..put cantelope in RJ45 <StarWeaver> That dosen't fit!"" (added by Ttech at 06:44 PM, June 27, 2011)
Katami Quote #50: "<Katami> Ttech is not the hard work george has fixed" (added by Ttech at 07:27 PM, June 28, 2011)
Katami Quote #51: "<R_P_C> Katami: what is your name? <Katami> R_P_C: My name is God. * R_P_C is worried <R_P_C> that's the second time too" (added by Ttech at 09:20 PM, June 28, 2011)
Katami Quote #52: "<Zuri> Katami: Stop <Katami> Zuri: I do not know about 'Stop', but I do know about these similar topics: 'SnOL'" (added by Ttech at 10:28 PM, June 28, 2011)
Katami Quote #53: "<R_P_C> Katami: Sarcastic, eh? <Katami> R_P_C: Are you Canadian?" (added by Ttech at 10:58 PM, June 28, 2011)
Katami Quote #54: "<Katami> fluffles back into Lisp! I really wanted to do with Vitamin C." (added by Ttech at 08:10 PM, June 30, 2011)
Katami Quote #55: "* StarWeaver contomplates making a joke outrage site noting how SATA is only one letter away from giving your personal data over to SATAN, but then realizes that too many people would probably believe it." (added by Ttech at 08:13 PM, June 30, 2011)
Katami Quote #56: "<ttech_> How does one get an addition ipv6 address? <ttech_> Never mind :P <pronto> ttech_: you gotta disco dance <ttech_> Yeah I finally read that bit. <pronto> so are you disco dancing? <ttech_> yes. :) <pronto> prove it <ttech_> I'm disco dancing like 70's depended on it <pronto> good." (added by Ttech at 09:00 PM, June 30, 2011)
Katami Quote #58: "* Ttest ([email protected]) has joined #transcendence" (added by Ttech at 04:13 AM, July 03, 2011)
Katami Quote #57: "<alterecco> dont care what it is... I love the star trek of it all" (added by Ttech at 04:13 AM, July 03, 2011)
Katami Quote #59: "<alterecco> i experienced a flooding for the first time in denmark tonight" (added by Ttech at 04:28 AM, July 03, 2011)
Katami Quote #60: "<alterecco> i experienced a flooding for the first time in denmark tonight <Ttech> alterecco, too many drinks perhaps" (added by Ttech at 04:28 AM, July 03, 2011)
Katami Quote #61: "CrazyMLC Katami: Don't you love Justin Bieber?:-D:-D:-D Katami CrazyMLC: Yes CrazyMLC God loves every1 and everything. I only hear that type of response less than five percent of the time.<3<3<3" (added by sdw195 at 09:06 PM, July 04, 2011)
Katami Quote #62: "* Katami ([email protected]/ttech/bot/katami) has joined #transcendence <alterecco> Katami: are you sorry? <Katami> alterecco: Do I look like it?" (added by Ttech at 11:12 PM, July 04, 2011)
Katami Quote #63: "<The_Shrike> My name is Ttech, and I can speel....SPELL, dammit!" (added by Ttech at 06:58 AM, July 06, 2011)
Katami Quote #64: "<StarWeaver> My dad said he knew someone who kept a b&w in their basment to watch b&w shows on so they didn't waste the color tv or something." (added by Ttech at 08:15 PM, July 06, 2011)
Katami Quote #65: "<Azar_Wolf> If you are under 12, pregnant, have a history of heart disease, low blood pressure, are comatose, or have died more than once, IRC may not be right for you." (added by Ttech at 03:22 AM, July 08, 2011)
Katami Quote #66: "<Atarlost> The Himal are like Somali pirates. You would weep for them if they weren't pirate scum. But they are so you just kill them."
Katami Quote #67: "<Ttech> how does it eat children? <The_Shrike> Australia. :P"
Katami Quote #68: "* The_Shrike has a simple philosophy in life: 'Eh....whatever, hey, look, PENGUINS!" <The_Shrike> In theory."
Katami Quote #69: "<Ttech> it's not the funky buddha statue stupid voice recognition ... susie <Ttech> Stupid phone"
Katami Quote #70: "<Ttech[phone]> Ac/dc chev by adc ck few sc <Ttech[phone]> I mean my WiFi died again "
Katami Quote #72: "<R_P_C-Volunteer> more spines <R_P_C-Volunteer> got 6800 cases to do <Ttech> 6800 cases of spines on the wall... 6800 cases... pull one down... pass it around. 6799 cases of spines on the wall. 6799 cases... pull one down... pass it around. 6798 cases of spines on the wall"
Katami Quote #73: "<Katami> Ttech has taken the dog for longevity, improved mental facilities, and regressed."
Katami Quote #074 * Katami prods StarWeaver with a delicate guided missile furious shooting iron look
Katami Quote #075 Katami prods cow-orker with a gear kicking quick as lightning upshoot minx
Katami Quote #077" < R_P_C> in my office! Doing some work! On IRC! IRC! IRC! IRC! IRC! IRC! epicarpal bastard salutation! < R_P_C> woah woah woah < R_P_C> that was your song
Katami Quote #078 < R_P_C-Volunteer> masterly epicarpal Maltese cat wave! (...) go!
Katami Quote #079" * Katami pushes tires through the revolving door. The door spins
Katami Quote #080 <StarWeaver> Transcendence 34: Hot Wolfen on Phobos Action!
Katami Quote #081" <R_P_C-Volunteer> ~seen pronto <Katami> R_P_C-Volunteer: I have not seen pronto. <R_P_C-Volunteer> D: (...) :/ <StarWeaver> Katami: I read that as I have not seen enough pronto"" and wondered if you meant porno <Katami> StarWeaver: I don\ t think I\ ve read that. Can you give me a reference? <R_P_C-Volunteer> D:"" "
Katami Quote #082 <Atarlost> bad thesaurus. * Atarlost hit the thesaurus with a rolled up newspaper <StarWeaver> ~synonym newspaper <Katami> StarWeaver: radio <Atarlost> aaaaaargh! <Atarlost> die! [email protected] die! die! diE! die1 dI! <Ttech> 0.o <Ttech> Atarlost!!!! * Atarlost beats Katami to death with a rolled up radio
Katami Quote #083 <Ttech> Seran
Katami Quote #084" <Ttech> Seran
Katami Quote #085 *Katami pushes Seran through the revolving door. The door spins
Katami Quote #086" <Ttech> ~echo Seran: Hello <Katami> Seran: Hello <Seran> Katami: Hi there! <Katami> Seran: Hello Seran. <Seran> Katami: Hello there. Oh
Katami Quote #087" <StarWeaver> ~rotate StarWeaver <Katami> pushes StarWeaver through the revolving door. The door spins
Katami Quote #088 <StarWeaver> It s a bird
Katami Quote #089" < R_P_C> ~rotate Ares * Katami pushes Ares through the revolving door. The door spins
Katami Quote #091 <Ttech> Oh man... That is the worst pickup line I ve ever heard... Your body is Wonderland. and I ll be Alice <jimj316j> I ve heard worse <-> I ve heard MUCH worse <+Ttech> jimj316j
Katami Quote #092 <jimj316j> Hey babe
Katami Quote #093 <GeorgeMoromisato> Hatsya: I m counting on your mods for that!
Katami Quote #094 <The_Shrike> Kitchens are not well known for their suitability for atomic experiments.
Katami Quote #095" <Dogma> Im going back onto 4chan for awhile
Katami Quote #096 <StarWeaver> ~markov still <Katami> still needs works <StarWeaver> Huh
Katami Quote #097 Rancer-Dogma: Apparently ill have to bite a blanket next time? -- StarWeaver: Ball gag? -- Rancer-Dogma: or play some music ov- -- Rancer-Dogma spit-takes
Katami Quote #098" Rancer-Dogma: Ball gags make me laugh
Katami Quote #099 <StarWeaver> WAs trying to tell if you were but you kept changing dicks
Katami Quote #100 Hatsya: RPC s Sun Anomaly is somewhat perfect to be Domina s HAHAHAHA! I M NOW A TOUHOU-DODONPACHI KACKING HARD BADASS LOLI! form
Katami Quote #101 Hatsya: StarWeaver: what if Domina turned out to be flat-chested yet she can unleash lots of large
Katami Quote #102" <Rancer-Dogma> Just realized
Katami Quote #104" <Katami> Ttech meant: StanrWeanver
Katami Quote #105 <Rancer-Dogma> <_< oh god [...] Im going to need to spend time in /b/ to regain my moral compass.
Katami Quote #106 <Rancer-Dogma> Pt. Junk is my fav.
Katami Quote #107 <Katami> +d1gdug can see around the core temperature of Earth s landmasses be covered in jpeg errors
Katami Quote #108" <Katami> Pontius: Your polite style is very nice. It is better to be silent and be thought a fool
Katami Quote #109 <gtlz> Ttech: core dumps are worse than dead children.
Katami Quote #110 <StarWeaver> Aren t you the dood in charge of assogmomg bptters cloaks? <[email protected]/clown/ttech> I m like Dude! I want cloaks dawg And they are like Fo sho and then Kerblam! Cloaks
Katami Quote #111 <Pontius> I punch babies.<Pontius> with my falcon fists.
Katami Quote #112" <R_P_C> so they introduced the concept of rock"" <R_P_C> they defined it as \ a nonliving organism\ <R_P_C> so basically they called a rock a \ nonliving
Katami Quote #113 <toasty> That was weird.. <Avan> need moar voltage D:
Katami Quote #115" <bl0kem> its supported by the australian government ffs ... <sdw195> bl0kem: they will support anything
Katami Quote #116 <Ttech> I HAVE A DREAM THAT ONE DAY.... <Exia-Repair> yes? *Exia-Repair wants to know <Ttech> PIZZAS WILL BE FREE EVERYWHERE <sdw195> Ttech: i second your dream <sdw195> all in favor say I
Katami Quote #117 <DigitalDragon> If you take away all of the myths an legends. Being human gets boring
Katami Quote #118 <Dash_Merc> indeed. hipsters. They surround me
Katami Quote #119 <DSMK2> Would be intresting to barge into galactic creature mating seasons :P
Katami Quote #120 <sdw195> Ttech: dishes vacuuming
Katami Quote #121 <alterecco> (the dude who will not die)* Katami has kicked alterecco from #transcendence (BANG!) * alterecco shot through the head
Katami Quote #122 ~quote add <Fire-Wolf> Prophet_01 you just won $100
Katami Quote #123 <Prophet01> cuz Seran can take more inputs then katami?
Katami Quote #124 <Disst> i speak three dialects of asshole and i know a little bit of douchecanoe
Katami Quote #125 <Pontius> isnt it human to be curious and curiousity is the basis for humanity?
Katami Quote #126" <The_Shrike> Sirocco is imprinted on humans. And kakapo will mate with literally *anything* when overly sex-starved. <The_Shrike> Including dead seabirds
Katami Quote #127 <Fluffy_Wolf> the brain is too user friendly <Fluffy_Wolf> I need to jailbreak it >.>
Katami Quote #128 < bl0kem> ..command line interface < Pontius> i would have just used CMD
Katami Quote #129 * ExplosivePhoenix has quit (Quit: ERROR: Segmentation Fault. Program terminated.)
Katami Quote #130 <StarWeaver> +Boiling water makes me hot x_x
Katami Quote #131 <StarWeaver> uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ( x2) <StarWeaver> Fun things about haveing pseudonarcoleptic moments ... holding down keys and not realizing it ...
Katami Quote #132" <-TeaParty4Lyf> enchilado
Katami Quote #133" <sdw195> its fun to put a *spoiler* cannon with *spoiler* armor
Katami Quote #134" <+sdw195> i have to make fun of myself sometimes
Katami Quote #135 <Twir> Stop quoting me!
Katami Quote #136" <+StarWeaver> Azar_Wolf
Katami Quote #137" <Twir> quick
Katami Quote #138 <Twir> and i just want stuff that is impossible to be considered by a modder to troll them
Katami Quote #139 <Twir>~quote add Thank you for letting us ruin a massive amount of your hard work by using your insurance policy to prevent you from savescumming! enjoy all the wasted effort! *GAME SAVED*
Katami Quote #140" <The_Shrike>If you can use your coolant loop for brewing a cuppa
Katami Quote #141" <Twir> ~markov Twir: <Katami> Twir: are you on lunix? <Twir> no <Katami> \xc2\xa0 Twir: dunno
Katami Quote #142 <Ttech>The AI module is broken because it needs to be repaired
Katami Quote #143" <+Katami> Twir: nah
Katami Quote #144 <Katami> i need to be vista again?
Katami Quote #145 <+Dash_Merc> That man reincarnates more than the Dalai Lama
Katami Quote #146 [01:01:16] <alterecco> Azar_Wolf: ohh... TSB is real?!? I thought it was just a carrot on a stick!
Katami Quote #147 <PKodon> Katami is an offensive squirrel with bad breath and poor eyesight. <Katami> PKodon: What if someone said you are an offensive squirrel with bad breath and poor eyesight ?<PKodon> Katami: I don t know
Katami Quote #149" <RPC> +l:/ means the frustration with life
Katami Quote #150 <Katami> spam bot registered - it s activated!
Katami Quote #153 <RPC> Twir
Katami Quote #154 <Katami> +phusis: My creator is a sick bastard
Katami Quote #155 <+Atarlost> skill? not much. Even lobsters are slow targets. The ICS is slow and huge.
Katami Quote #156 <Macgeoghagen>how soon I get it done depends on weather and money. Good weather+money=outside building projects. good weather+no money=cutting brush. bad weather+money=build a workbench. bad weather+no money=mod
Katami Quote #157 <-Macgeoghagen> i boulght cialis this past year. and a hover-round too. the social security/medicare thieves take it from my check
Katami Quote #158 The_Shrike Barrels are like a box of chocolates. You never know when they ll be filled with radioactive waste.
Katami Quote #159 v<-RPC> Wheeeeeeeerrrrrrreeeeeeeee isssssssssssssss TTTttttttttSssssssssssssssssBBBBBBBBbbbbbbbb?!?!?!?!!?
Katami Quote #160 <+mulenmar> . . . as was trying to run Mass Effect 2 in Wine on ATI hardware without the binary driver. >_<
Katami Quote #161 <Atarlost>Let this be a lesson to you: don t be lazy with tab completion.
Katami Quote #162 <Atarlost> I think [Dynamic Systems and The Network] still separate
Katami Quote #163 <Atarlost> Poking around in other ships inventories is critical for WE testing.
Katami Quote #164" \x02<+The_Shrike>\x02 +My reign of evil will bring fear to the masses
Katami Quote #165 \x02<+The_Shrike>\x02 +And Ttech sort of went insane on quotes.
Katami Quote #166 \x02<-WillyTheSquid(-)>\x02 as a coach this one tickles me right. positive reframing ftw. it s going in my quotes file!1
Katami Quote #167 \x02<+PKodon(+)>\x02 \x02Fluffy_Wolf\x02 is related to tribbles
Katami Quote #168" <Twir> i use the wolfen
Katami Quote #169" <The_Shrike>""Uh... it\ s probably not a problem... probably... but I\ m showing a small discrepancy in the? well
Katami Quote #170 <Atarlost>The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Katami Quote #171 <WillyTheSquid> i opened an old save of mine last month <WillyTheSquid> in point juno without a howitzer <WillyTheSquid> aka <WillyTheSquid> up sh*t creek without a paddle
Katami Quote #172 <RPC>the engine wuvs you Prophet_01
Katami Quote #173 <StarWeaver>ow
Katami Quote #174 <StarWeaver> Wait
Katami Quote #175" \x02*@Katami(+) \x02pushes \x02TransGeek\x02 sleep schedule through the revolving door. The door spins
Katami Quote #176" <StarWeaver> ~rotate RPC * Katami pushes RPC through the revolving door. The door spins
Katami Quote #177" <TransGeek> ~rotate RPC* Katami pushes RPC through the revolving door. The door spins
Katami Quote #178" The_Shrike And so God came onto the mountain
Katami Quote #179 \x0318\x08<\x08StarWeaver\x08>\x08\x0f Polars look like bars of soap made out of copper
Katami Quote #180 <RPC> trac logged me out :( <StarWeaver> bastard
Katami Quote #181 (TransGeek) Or I think so hmmm I changed the prices around so much sex (TransGeek) sec not sex (Amariithynar) Freudian slip. :P
Katami Quote #182 <+Fluffy_Wolf> +doop doop doop <+Fluffy_Wolf> +ok I m off to take a shower
Katami Quote #183 \x02<+Atarlost>\x02 +You d better shower after absorbing a pie into your fluff.
Katami Quote #184 <Fluffy_Wolf> +\x01ACTION uses fluffsplosion! Its super effective!\x01
Katami Quote #185 <StarWeaver> you know
Katami Quote #186 <StarWeaver> The only time we ve fought him has been in the reclues s victory beta
Katami Quote #187 <gatogrande> StarWeaver: oh understand.you speak spanish.
Katami Quote #188" <gatogrande> StarWeaver: oh understand.you speak spanish. <StarWeaver>N\xe3o
Katami Quote #189 \x02<+StarWeaver(+)>\x02 They re like tvtropes but they like the sun :P
Katami Quote #190 <TransGeek> bother <TransGeek> the prices are off <TransGeek> I will adjust them later <Amariithynar> yeah
Katami Quote #191 <Wurmish> Deeerrrrrp? <Wurmish> I love my derps <Wurmish> They re amazing.
Katami Quote #192 <Wurmish> Cause I hate <Wurmish> Hate hate <Wurmish> HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE <Wurmish> sysCreateWeaponFire
Katami Quote #193" *Darth_Saber enters <RPC> also
Katami Quote #194 <StarWeaver> ~prod Ttech * Katami prods Ttech with a immortal kicking dissolving signal gong guy <Ttech> gag <StarWeaver> Gong guy ~ Gong guy ~ nobody knows what ~ gong guy!
Katami Quote #195 <TransGeek> Fluffy are you a furry?
Katami Quote #197" <Amariithynar> StarWeaver
Katami Quote #198" <The_Shrike> Oh
Katami Quote #199" <digdug> gah
Katami Quote #200 sdw195> Xephyr: also
Katami Quote #201" \x02<WillyTheSquid>\x02 +""oh hai i heard you are a tentacled freak
Katami Quote #202 <Twir> Ok
Katami Quote #203 <Ttech> ~seen * <Ttech> BAHAAHAHAAH ... MUAHAA <Wurmish> MASSIVE PING <Ttech> ~more <Ttech> ~more <Ttech> ~more <sdw195> you are evil Ttech
Katami Quote #204 <+StarWeaver(+)> Well
Katami Quote #205 (jimj316) Since I always assumed they were powered by Domina
Katami Quote #206 <TransGeek>I am blue <The_Shrike>Start breathing
Katami Quote #207 <The_Shrike> Katami is clippy the freakin PAPERCLIP!<The_Shrike> I m going to kill jorgan nash. It s the only way to shut him up.
Katami Quote #209 <StarWeaver> I think the Scar-Red Nova Dragon name sounds cooler<StarWeaver> But at least it isn t another one of those teal-eyes fuckyou dragon types
Katami Quote #211 <RPC> ~poke sdw195 * Katami prods sdw195 most with a intense pyrrhic -- and then slaps RPC repeatedly with a soured X .
Katami Quote #212" < The_Shrike>Australia: Home of sheep
Katami Quote #213 <RPC> I think I should just watch for now... I actaually have no experience <The_Shrike> Bah! I have no experience! <Solar_Geo> Prophet_01: Can I thump in? <Prophet_01> no experience is necessary beyond roleplaying in a mature manner
Katami Quote #214 <RPC> KingFossil: anything new? What brings you to IRC? Btw
Katami Quote #215" The_Shrike> Hey! Stripping can make money
Katami Quote #216" <Atarlost> Are we
Katami Quote #217 <The_Shrike> Yeah. I m not playing a tabletop as lady gaga. Even I have levels of derailing that I won t stoop to.
Katami Quote #218 <karorius> what is loser collimator?
Katami Quote #219 <WillyTheSquid> but i had to say it :P <WillyTheSquid> im a howitzer mk3 fanboy :P
Katami Quote #220" * StarWeaver takes out more trash
Katami Quote #221 <StarWeaver> If I have shooting on the enter key I ll missle things on the way out of dockstations x_x
Katami Quote #222 *KingFossil changes nick to Twit *Twit changes nick to Twir
Katami Quote #226" +Amariithynar> Hello Phobos. *capture ball* ... +Amariithynar> ...Wait
Katami Quote #227" <WillyTheSquid> Amariithynar
Katami Quote #228 <The_Shrike> Drunk armor: The power of ethanol compels you!
Katami Quote #229 <The_Shrike> I wonder if you could cripple Skynet by telling it to run a maxed-out copy of DF.....
Katami Quote #230" <WillyTheSquid> huh
Katami Quote #231 <AzziWeaver> Heay KinkFossil <KingFossil> 0_0 <KingFossil> ><>{wat <AzziWeaver> KingFossil: ? <KingFossil> Heay KinkFossil <AzziWeaver> Oog
Katami Quote #232" * Katami pushes Cirevam through the revolving door. The door spins
Katami Quote #233" <+AzziWeaver(+)> Amariithynar: Are rockets just like
Katami Quote #234 * Katami prods SolarDragon with a spiritual kicking flitting Atlas-Centaur eagle <SolarDragon(-)> o.O that sounds very prodded
Katami Quote #235" +<sdw195(+)> Ttech: if you can one hit kill the ics
Katami Quote #236" <Ttech>sdw195
Katami Quote #237 <AzziWeaver> I actually almost refused because I thought making people come to IRC to get accounts valadiated was a TOTAL DICK MOVE at the time ;)
Katami Quote #238 <PKodon> I was talking with a supervisor the other day about whether I should bring an enema kit for the foreman
Katami Quote #239 <AzziWeaver> You d need it tor return a list of rare common and crap to be useful
Katami Quote #240 <RPC> ooh a Gambit-! <Ttech> Ooh a Ttech!
Katami Quote #241 <Cirevam> What rolls down stairs
Katami Quote #242 <Llwch> @RPC - actually
Katami Quote #243 <The_Shrike> Yeah. I m 20 in July. First year of my BSc <The_Shrike> Once I ve got it
Katami Quote #244 <The_Shrike>(9:06:06 PM) sdw195: I got ten point multitouch on this tablet <--Didn t they up it to 15 or so on the Ipad 2 or something? <sdw195> I reaaly dont care about apple <sdw195> Cause... <sdw195>YOU DONT HAVE 15 FRIGGEN FINGERS!!
Katami Quote #245 <+Avan(+)> Hahaha
Katami Quote #246 <+AzziWeaver(++)> Tiamat
Katami Quote #247 <Djohaal> just grow some balls and pirate 3dsmax
Katami Quote #248 <+RPC(+)> I m thinking about going Steve Jobs and taking good mods on Xelerus and tinker with them :P
Katami Quote #249 <+Avan> Well screw that! I m going to be a cancer then
Katami Quote #250 * Katami nudges Ttech falteringly with a saturated iambic pentameter .
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Katami Quote #250 * Katami nudges Ttech falteringly with a saturated iambic pentameter .
Katami Quote #251" <The_Shrike> And
Katami Quote #252" DragonFossil ltell for ipad? -- +PKodon iDunno -- +PKodon But
Katami Quote #253" +The_Shrike Arrrr! I be the great pirate Shrikebeard! If ye patches be good enough fer me eye
Katami Quote #254 * StarWeaver points * StarWeaver poitns some more <Fluffy_Wolf> .............. * Fluffy_Wolf facepalms at shane <Fluffy_Wolf> how.. <-> just... <-> what? <-> I mean... <-> what? <sdw195> lol * Fluffy_Wolf headdesks......
Katami Quote #256 ShaneJ(forums): I have a call for help: but I think it could be better: so I asked RPC to see if I might get a treasure from the Awesome bag of yummy stuff I know they are saving to shock us all with awesomeness :)
Katami Quote #257 *Shanejpost!* Gambit-:OK
Katami Quote #258 <Atarlost> You can t stop the BBB with a plasma cannon
Katami Quote #259 meta-wiki: Dicks can be right but they re still dicks. If there s something in what they say that is worth hearing
Katami Quote #260 <TransGeek> bah hubble bugs <StarWeaver> Hubble bugs? Isn t that a problem with a telescope? <TG> no they are a bug that is see through like a bubble and they back a huh huh huh sounds so they are called hubble bugs...everyone knows that <-> just don t look at them in the day light...you get burned thing the opposite of a mean kid with a magnifing glass the bugs have it and they don t like
Katami Quote #261 <TransGeek> that is nothing compared the wuzzle wats <TG> they have sticky tongues with a woaded on them...gets you high as a kite until you stumble into the cazzule nests then you get eaten and don t even care....mahahahaha
Katami Quote #262 <Cirevam> The_Shrike
Katami Quote #263 <+Avan(+)> you re like
Katami Quote #264 StarWeaver> the lustful stories of the teraton fabricator? Amariithynar> Oh yeah baby
Katami Quote #265 Android is Linux like Ringers are human :)
Katami Quote #266 +Fluffy_Wolf let us never bring up death boobs again ... +StarWeaver Fluffy_Wolf
Katami Quote #267 <Fluffy_Wolf> let us never bring up death boobs again
Katami Quote #268 <The_Shrike> Given this is Transcendence
Katami Quote #269 * Katami throws a unchivalrous squid at WillyTheSquid
Katami Quote #270 <Cirevam> I did more work on my volcano particle effect project. Emailed professor. Bored now. I think I ll work on some interior design. <StarWeaver> Cirevam
Katami Quote #271 <Cirevam>Maybe we could lobotomize him : but that might be going too far : I like pancakes : what do you think?
Katami Quote #272" <ZombieFossil> hey
Katami Quote #273 <+Fluffy_Wolf(+)> The universe was created in the great fluffsplosion.
Katami Quote #274 <Fluffy_Wolf> Fluff is what creates reality! Superstrings are really just fluffs. <...> The universe was created in the great fluffsplosion.
Katami Quote #275 <Atarlost>He used to be be able to pass the turing test. (between him and shane I d pick Katami as the human)
Katami Quote #279" * Katami pushes The_Shrike
Katami Quote #280 <Ttech> hi <Ttech> yo dawg <Ttech> I heard you like banners
Katami Quote #281 <StarWeaver> RPC
Katami Quote #282 SolarDragon I think I ll take this as the Fluffy_Wolf seal of approval : [21:44] <+Fluffy_Wolf> Whoa
Katami Quote #283" <RPC> I always wondered why hp regen had decimals <StarWeaver> Heh <Wurmish> Damnit george <StarWeaver> T has derived floating point
Katami Quote #284" mistere_: Hey RPC
Katami Quote #285 <StarWeaver> Currently watching it take out a antares heavy ... something I couldn t see ... another starlight cruiser ... <StarWeaver>mean little bitch auton there
Katami Quote #286" <Cirevam> In the Wild West of space
Katami Quote #287 * StarWeaver mines some more random sandstorms of interruption >_>
Katami Quote #289" <StarWeaver> Ok TransGeek
Katami Quote #290 * KingFossil got hit by the facebook post over IRC for 23 damage!
Katami Quote #291 <PKodon> RedPaperCart: So
Katami Quote #292 <The_Shrike> Yeah
Katami Quote #293 <Fluffy_Wolf> oh wow
Katami Quote #294" * Katami pushes sleep through the revolving door. The door spins
Katami Quote #295" <KingFossil> oZozde is a mac
Katami Quote #296 TransGeek> anyone else bothered by letting other people use your computer even if you aren t using it at the time? <sdw195> TransGeek: make a guest account for them <TransGeek> To me it is like someone asking to borrow my underwear or something
Katami Quote #297 <TheSupremeBeing> I mean
Katami Quote #298" <The_Shrike> Like Hey
Katami Quote #299 <Atarlost> It s a much lower hanging fruit.
Katami Quote #300" * Katami throws a damned blip at SolarDragon * Katami throws a minim feud at StarWeaver * Katami throws a humect squid at the ceiling * Katami pushes TransGeek and SolarDragon through the revolving door. The door spins
Katami Quote #301 <The_Shrike> Militia missions for me So....I hear you like escorting superfreighters? *trollface*
Katami Quote #302 [December 2011] <Ttech> ~quote add XCHAT_AQUA_VERSION_STRING <Katami> Ttech: Ok
Katami Quote #303" StarWeaver: But then
Katami Quote #304 gewt - receive error 54 from nfs server - gewt - interesting - StarWeaver - isn t nfs like
Katami Quote #305 The_Shrike Katami
Katami Quote #306 <+StarWeaver> Sometimes I think I d be better off actually wearing clothes most of the time
Katami Quote #308 <The_Shrike> I m pretty certain I don t have the right hardware/software to record ingame sound...and LPing from here will get me odd looks. <The_Shrike> Admittedly
Katami Quote #309" <The_Shrike> Hmm. Wish I could rig an announcer for the game so I didn\ t have to read everything out. Then I could do an IC LP. <The_Shrike> Look. I don\ t want missions
Katami Quote #310 <Atarlost> TransGeek: Everything is a verb now. * StarWeaver Atarlosts Amariithynar <Atarlost> Amariithynar doesn t like being Atarlosted. <Atarlost> It always winds up a huge argument. <Amariithynar> No it doesn t. <Amariithynar> :D <Atarlost> See
Katami Quote #311 <Cirevam(+)> Come back to us RustyPickleComb D:
Katami Quote #312" <WillyTheSquid> hell yes <> PSD5 + new patch <> i have a heavy cantharid AND a stalwart <> BLISS <> this is like having your cake
Katami Quote #313 <WillyTheSquid> that feature from the agauptera was the @#$!
Katami Quote #315 <StarWeaver> The_Shrike
Katami Quote #317" sdw195 i would have said that my fail fell off
Katami Quote #318 RPC oO -- RPC o.O -- StarWeaver RPC
Katami Quote #319" The_Shrike Wait
Katami Quote #320 * StarWeaver wonders when someone will draw pteravore porn >_>
Katami Quote #321 <WillyTheSquid> StarWeaver: He\xb4s Not Your Local Dragon
Katami Quote #322" * StarWeaver thinks
Katami Quote #323 <+Atarlost>StarWeaver is nto durnk. Relaly he;s ont.
Katami Quote #324 <+sdw195> i have an urge to quote that
Katami Quote #325 +StarWeaver First i m going to go back and APA The flying @#$! out of the godddamned black market in eta ceti ...
Katami Quote #328 <StarWeaver> ~dick pirouette <Katami> StarWeaver: I presume you meant ~dict?
Katami Quote #329 <Cimanyd> stop that :P <Atarlost> I want to know his limit.
Katami Quote #330 <StarWeaver> are you trying to show video using the audio funcitons??
Katami Quote #331 <Djohaal> sexyship! <Djohaal> ribbed for pleasure
Katami Quote #332 <Cirevam> RPC must be dyslexic if he keeps mixing up Cim and myself... unless he s doing it on purpose <StarWeaver> or he s only doing Ci<tab> <RPC> blah
Katami Quote #334 <Cimanyd> what are all there superfreighters doing at the edge of the system? looking for Huaramarca???
Katami Quote #335 *< Katami >throws a infinite potato at haslador
Katami Quote #336 <Cimanyd> how do i move stuff? <Cimanyd> pages that is <StarWeaver> Make the page in the new place. Delete the old place. Deleting is replacing the page with no text. <StarWeaver> This is dokuwiki
Katami Quote #337 [08:53:33] <Deiz> Using Blender is a lot like forcing a cat to do something [08:53:48] <Deiz> It s a lot of work
Katami Quote #338" <StarWeaver> name=""=(cat "beginning texticle " (objGetName (objGetTarget gPlayerShip)) " <InsertOtherTextHere>")"" <StarWeaver> quot quot <StarWeaver> imma duck "
Katami Quote #339 <StarWeaver>.ne gas to oo gayway for a few hours <StarWeaver>bblz <SolarDragon>StarWeaver: coming out of the closet are we ^_^ know we still love you
Katami Quote #341" <Katami>Cimanyd: logs is offical ttech logs: (link) ... emergency backup logs: (link) ... <Cimanyd>""...is offical ttech..."" <Cimanyd>offical? offiCAl or offiCIAl <The_Shrike>There\ s a lot of unofficial Ttechs out there. <The_Shrike>And none of them can speel. PSell. Spell. Whatever. "
Katami Quote #342 <Cimanyd>oh fail <Cimanyd>~quote remove 340 <Katami>Cimanyd: Ok
Katami Quote #343 [11:45:40] <Shiba-Fennec> I wish the internet weren t filled with end users [11:46:00] <Shiba-Fennec> The people who don t understand the complexities behind what needs to be done [11:46:17] <Shiba-Fennec> And therefore make astronomical suggestions that are impossible for my skill level
Katami Quote #344 <Cimanyd> Magnificent
Katami Quote #345 <RPC> ~find love <Katami> RPC: your love is behind the green holy working space *RPC will keep an eye out for a green working space >.> <StarWeaver> RPC
Katami Quote #346" People
Katami Quote #347 <Avan> ~eval 960/10 <Katami> Avan: 96 <Avan> ..durr <Avan> >.<
Katami Quote #348 Katami` joined [...] Katami joined [...] <Cimanyd>~echo I am the real Katami! It s an impostor! <Katami`>I am the real Katami! It s an impostor! <Katami>I am the real Katami! It s an impostor!
Katami Quote #349 (related to #339) <StarWeaver>dreadfang
Katami Quote #350 +The_Shrike Since using Word 2007 feels vaguely like submerging ones self in a large barrel of live fire ants while being berated by your grandmother
Katami Quote #351 <FM3VP>I want a quote :(
Katami Quote #352 <The_Shrike> SOCOM Wolfen 1 has [loadout] because that s how I roll. <StarWeaver> Now you just need a ROCOM orgainization .... Then you can have ROCOM SOCOM Wolfens ... :D .... I don t know if you had to experience 80s american toys to get that bad pun or what
Katami Quote #353 * Sujamma gives Cimanyd the Deciphered StarWeaver s typo achievement badge
Katami Quote #354 Markoved Garfield: I interrupt your meaninglessness! ... Nope
Katami Quote #355" <StarWeaver>gah
Katami Quote #356 * FM3VP slurps RPC through straw <FM3VP(-)> Tastes like RPC :D <+RPC(-)> :D
Katami Quote #357 <+StarWeaver(-)> rpc is a liquid?
Katami Quote #358 <+StarWeaver(+)> Avan
Katami Quote #359 <dreadfang> who the hell is PM?
Katami Quote #360 <StarWeaver>i keep closing blender and then wondering why it s not open
Katami Quote #361" <jimj316> Arrghh my codes
Katami Quote #362 <PM912>I like overwhelming firepower. <PM912>...when I am at the administrating end.
Katami Quote #363 <Hatsya(-)> StarWeaver: my 1.08b is somewhat broken like a well-occupied bathroom/roller coaster ride
Katami Quote #364 +StarWeaver: FM-VP
Katami Quote #365" jimj316\x08>\x08\x0f Welcome to CERN
Katami Quote #366 <AzziWeaver>what s the irc ping? <jimj316>It is a small mammalian creature
Katami Quote #367" <FM3VP> Okay
Katami Quote #368 <The_Shrike> I want to make the Best Gun Evah. In fact
Katami Quote #369 <StarWeaver>I foenhniophniopdfhmiopsrhmndrhnosrhnildrsniphdnioprhsr <FM3VP>wtf? <StarWeaver>I downloaded links FM3VP gave me <StarWeaver>my kepboard is suck <mistere_>must be painful
Katami Quote #370 jimj316 But meow if they really are injured
Katami Quote #371 <StarWeaver> ~give FM3VP wp futanari <jimj316> DON T CLICK THAT <FM3VP> AHHH I VE BEEN SCARRED FOR LIFE
Katami Quote #373" <+StarWeaver> WillyTheSquid
Katami Quote #374" \x0321\x02\x08<\x08StarWeaver\x08>\x08\x0f\x0321 RPC
Katami Quote #375 <Katami>Title: Transcendence - View topic - Didgug s rendering corner (at neurohack.com)
Katami Quote #376" Cimanyd I\ d quote that
Katami Quote #377" <The_Shrike>""Ack! A bullet hit me! Let\ s stay perfectly still and make painful noises to show that the shooter has their aim right!"" "
Katami Quote #378 <StarWeaver>Jeoshua
Katami Quote #379 <StarWeaver> ke f0rry fap9jg alseep <Amariithynar> I m sorry
Katami Quote #380 Jeoshua Indiana has no chance of doing that. No offense to anyone who lives there
Katami Quote #381" <The_Shrike> Error 404: Weapon not found? Dammit! I vorgot to install ze veapon as vell as ze targetting system! So at this point
Katami Quote #382 <StarWeaver> ke f0rry fap9jg alseep <Amariithynar> I m sorry
Katami Quote #383" <Jeoshua> I miss Katami <Jeoshua> He was always so helpful <Jeoshua> A real 3-laws kinda bot
Katami Quote #384" <StarWeaver> IronParrot
Katami Quote #386 * Jimj316_phone bulges the seafarer <SolarDragon> Jimj316_phone: you *may* need to also turn off autocorrect <Jimj316_phone> Silverstein: maybe that would be a hours idea <Jimj316_phone> How shoes I turn of chiropody? <Jimj316_phone> Aids
Katami Quote #387" <The_Shrike>IRC: Alternating between The Shrike Show
Katami Quote #388 <StarWeaver> havent yoo seen me typo on a ral kbd?
Katami Quote #389" In LISP
Katami Quote #390 <Katami>New news from tracker: #1048: Fluffles :3
Katami Quote #391 <StarWeaver>~ltell rosihn.
Katami Quote #392 +StarWeaver Can the GM rule if this lasts more than 4 hours contact EMS ? :P jimj316 O.o Electronnically Musical Salamander?
Katami Quote #393" <The_Shrike> Every morning when you wake
Katami Quote #394" <The_Shrike>Hey
Katami Quote #395 +Avan <.> TSB designed for multiplayer? ... lol - thats like... designing a toaster that is able to launch itself into orbit and take highly detailed photographs of the earth
Katami Quote #396 http://paste.neurohack.com/view/Y4LMU/
Katami Quote #397 <FourFire> Jenna constantly makes you feel sad <FourFire> but then it passes
Katami Quote #398 <jimj316> If the government are indeed spying on my google searches
Katami Quote #399" Good advice: Some people will know more than you about the game. Be humble and open minded and learn the game. Some people might be very abrasive when communicating this
Katami Quote #400 <Androgeos> Lu*BURP*nch <+StarWeaver> got a thing ti access subminmail scxewwn beightbessws and am teyunf to lwaen ro vlind rtpw on this kbd <+Amariithynar> ....go sleep StarWeaver
Katami Quote #401" <StarWeaver>no
Katami Quote #402" (8 lines about 5 random things
Katami Quote #403" <The_Shrike> Nothing quite as glorious as a suicide-run into a shipyard
Katami Quote #404 \x0318\x08<\x08\x0325Charlemagne\x08>\x08\x0f some reason my transcedence does not have sound \x0318\x08<\x08\x0325Charlemagne\x08>\x08\x0f no pew pew no whoosh no kaboom \x0318\x08<\x08\x0325Charlemagne\x08>\x08\x0f I just pretend if there are sounds \x0318\x08<\x08\x0329The_Shrike\x08>\x08\x0f I mean
Katami Quote #405 <FourFire> KSC? <StarWeaver> Katana Space Chicken :D
Katami Quote #406" * Phonej316 juggles achiever fit no reason : D <Pj> Gastritis. Cat. <Pj> Jump the phone lube <Aw> Yeah
Katami Quote #407 <Katami>StarWeaver: Ok
Katami Quote #408 * RPC kicks sleep checker in head <RPC>*spell
Katami Quote #410 <Cimanyd> ~wa (quote #408) <Cimanyd> ~qa (quote #408) <Cimanyd> AAAAAH NOO THE TYPOS ARE SPREADING * Cimanyd can t believe he typoed a ~qa of a typo about typos
Katami Quote #411 <The_Shrike>1.08aafgeh <--Coming to a PC near you in 2055!
Katami Quote #412 * Androgeos is anti-Steam too! \\o/ <Androgeos> COME TO MY ARMS SOLARDRAGON
Katami Quote #413" <The_Shrike> Actually no
Katami Quote #414" <RPC>Katami> New news from tracker: #1099: objGetObjByID does not work in event <Katami>Hi
Katami Quote #416" * StarWeaver chugs diet cock
Katami Quote #417 <Androgeos> Do a barrel roll! Do a barrel roll! Do a barrel roll! Do a barrel roll! Do a barrel roll! Do a barrel roll! Do a barrel roll! Do a barrel roll! ... <StarWeaver> @#$!*! Look behind you! <StarWeaver> (actually Fox
Katami Quote #418 <The_Shrike> IT S THE MINING INDUSTRY! How exactly do you have a sustainable primary extraction industry?! Put the coal BACK in the ground after you mine it?
Katami Quote #419" <+Avan> And you can see the second rainbow on the upper right... based on the angular distance
Katami Quote #420 <Androgeos>~8ball Does Katami have too many aliases? <Katami>Androgeos: No.
Katami Quote #422 RPC attempts to do CPR on IRC using another three letter acronym :P
Katami Quote #424" <StarWeaver> Amariithynar
Katami Quote #425" (+Amariithynar) Fluffweaver? (+Amariithynar) What
Katami Quote #426 <Cimanyd>and you can do ~wp <Amariithynar>~g is faster <Katami>http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/physics/R ... t/FTL.html --- use ~google for more results
Katami Quote #429 <StarWeaver> Fluffy_Wolf
Katami Quote #430 TransGeek2 Nutella = the bastard child of a hazelnut raping a chocobean using hot oil
Katami Quote #431" <+Fluffy_Wolf(+)> brb
Katami Quote #432 <Katami> Fluffy Fluffy\xe2\x80\xa6. Who is Fluffy\xe2\x80\xa6 Fluffy Fluffy\xe2\x80\xa6 Who is Fluffy\xe2\x80\xa6. Fluffy Wolf IS! * Fluffy_Wolf floofles <Fluffy_Wolf> o.o * Fluffy_Wolf is fluffy. And has uncanny timing.
Katami Quote #433 <StarWeaver> Also: I can t tell if this add is for my boyfriend is a serial killer and/or the house wants to eat me o_O
Katami Quote #434 +Fluffy_Wolf reid dragons have floofs to start with and they eep and giggle and flutter about and you can put them in shoeboxes and they will do cute things like being cute and being fluffy :3 boxes are like... cuteness amplification chambers
Katami Quote #435 <Katami> Fluffy Fluffy\x85. Who is Fluffy\x85 Fluffy Fluffy\x85 Who is Fluffy\x85. Fluffy Wolf IS!
Katami Quote #436 <+StarWeaver(+)> hardwar kbd :p <+StarWeaver(+)> %8
Katami Quote #437" * Katami pushes Adran and a Teraton fabricator through the revolving door. The door spins
Katami Quote #438 <Androgeos> WOULD YOU PREFER SUPERSTARWEAVER?!
Katami Quote #439 (from EtherPad) Cimanyd: what s Endari? ... StarWeaver: probably eridani :P ... StarWeaver: Either that or it s the place where the italian~o e~wokka live ... (quoted because ttech suggested it)
Katami Quote #440 <StarWeaver> oh hey
Katami Quote #441" <Cimanyd> when I was flying my PSD EI7Katami Quote # drone
Katami Quote #443" * Katami pushes ChanServ through the revolving door. The door spins
Katami Quote #444" <pm912> Ringers are elves. They have the best tech
Katami Quote #445 +The_Shrike (4:19:39 PM) DragonReid: and humans only use 10% of their brain <----I m a biology student
Katami Quote #447 jimj316 I ve actually heard clever used as an insult at college :/ ... +Avan (I ve only heard it used insultingly when dipped in sarcasm like a strawberry dipped in chocolate) (like
Katami Quote #448 <RPC> NithrilDark: you re less than 20 years old? <NithrilDark> Yes
Katami Quote #450 http://pastebin.com/hNRfmQ3i
Katami Quote #451 * WillyTheSquid squidhugs to the power of ten(tacles)
Katami Quote #452" <+digdug(+)> heh
Katami Quote #454 <Fluffy_Wolf>If a word game won t let me do fluffle or floofs or whatever
Katami Quote #455 <Amariithynar> ENGLISH @#$!
Katami Quote #456" <Sutiban> What the hell? Started in eradini
Katami Quote #457" <StarWeaver> Ok
Katami Quote #458" <Androgeos> When I search for laser on Freesound.org
Katami Quote #460 \x0318\x08<\x08\x0329The_Shrike\x08>\x08\x0f Thank you for helping us help you help us all.
Katami Quote #461 <+The_Shrike(-)> I haven t seen a sheep for at least 3 days
Katami Quote #462 <StarWeaver> Avan has a fine family but he definatly grew up hella wierd :3
Katami Quote #463 <Adran> i don t exist. i am a dream.
Katami Quote #465 <NithrilDark> So0
Katami Quote #466 Katami` invites FourFire back to his sex sawmill
Katami Quote #467 Katami` invites StarWeaver back to his sex antiaircraft rocket
Katami Quote #469" <NithrilDark> Any advice? <FourFire\x08>\x08\x0f NithrilDark
Katami Quote #470" <@Katami> LPC: OK
Katami Quote #471 * IronParrot wonders if IRC showing up in a dream is a sign that it is on the computer too much
Katami Quote #472 <Prophet_01> onCreate -> find distance and angle to origin -> do math -> spawn station - > ??? - >Prophet
Katami Quote #473" <Adran> s/go die/katami you suck
Katami Quote #474 <NithrilDarkshard> It seems to me that some guys NEVER LEARN!
Katami Quote #475 <RPC> ~markov #transcendence Frank Sinatra <Katami> Frank Sinatra in his Mega Permadeath games
Katami Quote #476 <@Katami> That one <@Katami> that s like asking a fish <Cimanyd> asking a fish what? <@Katami> 0 failed... but I agree that it was hilarious.
Katami Quote #478 -Katami- Sent 4 hours and 52 minutes ago: <Cimanyd> <Cimanyd>~markovt digdug <Katami>RPC is now obsolete.
Katami Quote #479 <Phone_Wolf> Argh damnit @#$! @#$! balls
Katami Quote #480" <Ttech> I can imagine! Any interesting books your dog have been reading recently? <GeorgeMoromisato> Ha! Not
Katami Quote #481" <Ttech>Any general direction for Multiverse? What broad goals do you plan to accomplish? (George answers question
Katami Quote #482 <+RPC-MAC> I want to be an animal rights activist for microsaurs in Vanilla >.>
Katami Quote #483 <StarWeaver>.ne tyos Cimanyd :d
Katami Quote #484 * Prophet_01 takes pics of SolarDragon and IronParrot for possible blackmail at a later time
Katami Quote #485 FF: Is there any particular reason that the sapphire yacht seems to be the game s mascot ? JJ: It s the space-based pimpmobile
Katami Quote #486 <The_Shrike> Possibly the only game *ever* where the protagonist stares at her boobs to find out her health.
Katami Quote #487" from TVTropes: In development
Katami Quote #488 StarWeaver> I don t like having to hide stuff whenever people knock on the door :3
Katami Quote #489 Avan: I have a (blah blah crapy comuter laying around). next best thing I have... is a box full of power supplies :\\
Katami Quote #490 <Katami>The fabricator eagerly eats the Adran for spamming and releases a sweet mist
Katami Quote #491 <RPC> The_Shrike: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnAMDg7IVWs <Katami\x08>\x08\x0f Title: TRAIN SIMULATOR BITCH - YouTube (at www.youtube.com) <The_Shrike> Hell yes.
Katami Quote #492 <+Adran> How would large birds such as that manage to dive though forests to get prey? <+StarWeaver> hisenbird deflector shields?
Katami Quote #493 <FourFire>has anyone here seen the thread which has a picture of terra time chips <FourFire>I would like to see more ringer and tear it on ships <FourFire>ring her and territory damn it <FourFire>reno <FourFire>ringo and territory ships <FourFire>if I keep using this function program if people will start to think I am like shane jfe let me know
Katami Quote #494 <Atarlost> Can I get in?
Katami Quote #495 <Autohummer> But the one in Transcendence.... Is it the Ripper (Mauler? Arena Boss?) s ship? <RPC> slicer <Autohummer> Ah
Katami Quote #496 <The_Shrike> RPC<--Yeah
Katami Quote #497 <WatchTVDoNothing> i heard a rumor that running mans aren t terrible but i wasn t brave enough to try <RPC> running mans are sooo slow <WatchTVDoNothing> oh never mind then <WatchTVDoNothing> more like shuffling man
Katami Quote #498 <SolarDragon> Ares Plasma Archcannon <SolarDragon> fires unholy bolts of @#$!-you
Katami Quote #499 Cirevam> If you re stuck in jail
Katami Quote #500 \x0318\x08<\x08\x0325WatchTVDoNothing\x08>\x08\x0f domina reveals a way to dual-wield Ares launchers during your prison break
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Posts 500-1000

Katami Quote #503" <DarthGeek> I figured out how to make objects go faster than light using weird stuff called physics
Katami Quote #504 <Cirevam> ~fabricate a solution to RPC s problems <Katami> The fabricator grabs and eats Cirevam!
Katami Quote #505 <WatchTVDoNothing> but I do not know about Kate
Katami Quote #506 jimj316 What do nyou actually hope to accomplish by screaming in broken English? ... That we ll magically reach through the internet and make all your problems go away?
Katami Quote #507 <Cimanyd> why have so many people in IRC never made it through the game? <Cimanyd> and yet it seems like everyone knows how to make mods
Katami Quote #508" <PKodon> Yeah
Katami Quote #509 Moron - destroyed <http://transcendence.mostlynothing.info/stats/rss.php>
Katami Quote #510 <WatchTVDoNothing> how about facebook status updates <WatchTVDoNothing> CoolDominaDude opened a cargo crate LIKE THIS <WatchTVDoNothing> CoolDominaDude needs your help to reach the core! Favorite this post to give him 5 rin!
Katami Quote #511 <Cimanyd> ~seen activity <Katami> Cimanyd: I have not seen activity.
Katami Quote #512 * Cimanyd leaves Human Space and is stuck waiting for the Ancient Races to build the rest of the galaxy
Katami Quote #513 <The_Shrike> First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then shalt thou count to three
Katami Quote #514" <The_Shrike>Also
Katami Quote #515 <SolarDragon> hey Adran derping off in a sex <Adran> SolarDragon
Katami Quote #516 <pm912> D: There will be prizes for playing and completing my game. P: Hey! I m came all this way for you; where s my prize?! D: I never said the prizes were for you. Now get off my lawn or die!
Katami Quote #517" <pm912> All Domina is
Katami Quote #518 <The_Shrike> Call of Domina: Universe at Disagreement.
Katami Quote #519 <jimj316> Celebrate the continued existence of your country by blowing up a small part of it!
Katami Quote #520 <Cimanyd> ~fabricate Adran <Katami> The fablicatol clushes the danal and discalds it:-):-):-)
Katami Quote #521 <Cimanyd> ~destroy digdug *Katami shoots digdug with a heavy ion tullet:):):)
Katami Quote #522 <Katami> Titre: Tlanscendence - View topic - MoTM - Octobl 2012 (at http://www.neulohack.com):D:D:D
Katami Quote #523 <Katami> LPC: Cimanyd was rast seen in #tlanscendence 35 minutes and 33 seconds ago: <Cimanyd> LPC with no rterrs???:-D:-D:-D
Katami Quote #524 <Katami> LPC: Cilevam was rast seen in #tlanscendence 20 houls 51 minutes and 13 seconds ago: <Cilevam> I have come back flom the dead 2 give the riving hailcuts:-):-):-) <RPC> o.o <Cirevam> what <The_Shrike> Adran
Katami Quote #525 <EditorRUS> \xef\xbc\x8f\xe4\xba\xba\xe2\x97\x95 \xe2\x80\xbf\xe2\x80\xbf \xe2\x97\x95\xe4\xba\xba\xef\xbc\xbc
Katami Quote #526 <Cimanyd> spam? <Avan> YES THIS @#$! IS SPAM <Avan> ITS PINGING RANDOM PEOPLE <digdug> who is pinging random peoiple ? <Avan> Katami because someone added a $randnick scheduler :P
Katami Quote #527 *IronParrot decides to watch as fox newss s ego comes crashing down <StarWeaver> o.o <StarWeaver> ITS GOING TO CRUSH US ALL
Katami Quote #528 <StarWeaver> Name it the This mod is annoying mod? ;3
Katami Quote #529 <Autohummer> All the diagram has told us is that RPC is the centre of this channel-universe.
Katami Quote #530 <+PKodon(+)> Thank you Atarlost-Yoda.
Katami Quote #531 <SolarDragon> would be cool to be able to go This is a MAG. and This launches MAG s
Katami Quote #532" <TransGeek2> Well the DS will be where most of the personality flavor is so you could get say Chipper Mode
Katami Quote #533 <Belxjander> I managed to take Arco out using a Sapphire with guns <Belxjander> took some hours though
Katami Quote #534 <Wurmish> Heretic system burns YOU in Soviet Transcendence.
Katami Quote #535 * SolarDragon phases inside the spacesuit. CygnusX1 ack! ack! phasing tech! panic! ooo
Katami Quote #536 <Shrike_McMobileU> Things I ve learned on my holiday. #2: projectile vomit is surprisingly easy to aim.
Katami Quote #537 * sdw195 is actually a advanced AI from 2020 sent back in time to rid the world of all other inferior AI s * Katami thinks sdw195 should be dismantled for being inefficient compared to Katami
Katami Quote #538" <Adran> I manage the community. :) <coughee> Ah
Katami Quote #539 <Vanship> so my friends dog got so scared from the party he went on top of their fridge
Katami Quote #540" <WillyTheSquid> William is a bit spaced right now to chat with you guys
Katami Quote #541" * StarWeaver is trying to not use much more dick space until he gets his terabyte fileserver drive offloaded
Katami Quote #542 <+Shaunfox> We re just too damn sexy
Katami Quote #543 <Katami> FIRE TEH KATANA PWN CANNON
Katami Quote #544" <Katami> yeah
Katami Quote #545 * LaniWeaver olds
Katami Quote #546 * LaniWeaver olds * SpongeJr not exactly youngs
------ Katami Or I could have lost some programmers due to playerships drones and am running the fix Windows update utilities (which do more reading :P
Katami Quote #548 <Katami> Or I could have lost some programmers due to playerships drones and am running the fix Windows update utilities (which do more reading :P
Katami Quote #549 <The_Shrike> I built a car that culd get up to 396km/h while showering the landscape with bullets. <The_Shrike> Then I discovered the secret to low-cost space travel. <The_Shrike> Then I hit a mountain and bounced off.
Katami Quote #550 <Magus> Anyone know what MAG (as in the launcher) stands for? <Cairo> magnetic argon gun <Cairo> magnetic arc goomba
Katami Quote #551" <+StarWeaver> digdug
Katami Quote #552 <@Katami> ok
Katami Quote #553 <Androgeos> Whoops
Katami Quote #554 <Islumbine> Katami: You ve given me 12 commands within the last minute; I m now ignoring you for 5 minutes. <Katami> Islumbine: You ve given me 12 commands within the last minute; I m now ignoring you for 5 minutes.
Katami Quote #555 <Katami> domina was a joint project.
Katami Quote #556 +AzziWeaver ~markov Islumbine @Katami Islumbine needs markov soon
Katami Quote #557 <Katami> (setq target (objGetPos (objGetTarget gPlayerShip)) (objGetVel (objGetTarget gPlayerShip)) -> and then lategam you could try tiddlywiki also
Katami Quote #558 <The_Shrike> My hair is fabulous.
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A lot of these quotes are cut off or missing bits.....
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yeah, when I dumped the database I think I might have stripped anything with quotes in them.
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