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Who determines if a mod becomes a Featured, Quality and/or Balanced mod? any rules or guidelines on this?

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Staff on IRC decide on Featured, Quality and Balanced mods.

We love mod reviews. Mod reviews increase your probability to have a mod installed and checked.

We also accepts suggestions from other IRC users for a mod to be tagged and why not, discuss mods here on the forums, pros and cons and suggest tags ! You have good chances that a staff member (me for example) will read it and apply the tags as you suggested :D

We also have the tag Reccomended Mods. WillyTheSquid and other IRC lurkers were taking care of that. Reccomended Mods is applied on the basis that the mod is high quality and working properly with the latest version of Transcendence. (While under Featured you might find mods that might be older, but they will show up in the appropriate sidebar on Xelerus.)
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