new main thread for newbies, registration and welcome

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Hi all,
I made some house chores and removed 15 or so threads with old rules, old welcomes and registrations.

Now, the main thread is this one:

I would appreciate a comment and how to improve it. :)
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Uh getting tired so just making a list of errors then getting food >.>

Transcendence Chat link fails
Avoid resurfacing old posts (Necromancy). It is generally confusing and it is better to start a new thread and reference the old one if necessary. There are of course exceptions, so exercise your good judgment. If you feel you must necro-post, then please make it clear in your post so that people can be aware of it. (Greater then 6 months make a new thread)
thus I am hereby barring the resurrection of threads whose last post dates to a time over one year prior to present time.
bug tracker doesn't exist

latest stable is 1.2
we don't have a beta?

nobody fixes ... y?s[]=site anymore
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I don't want any sort of copyright on my Transcendence mods. Feel free to take/modify whatever you want.
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