[Meta] why are there so many mods on the forums but not Xelerus?

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Feels weird that there are a lot of good mods that have little to no visibility because they are on the forums and not on Xelerus.

Is there something we can do about this or nah?




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 Part of the problem is that Xelerus is fairly broken at this point, and to make matters worse it’s not being maintained. Getting a mod to upload can be tricky under even good circumstances, and some people are unable to convince it to work at all. Add to that the fact that a few mods out there exceed the 5MB file limit and the hassle of people having to upload a mod in sections and it’s honestly not surprising that a lot of people opt to find external hosting and just post the link here on the forum instead.

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I do not use many mods, mostly because Xelerus looks old and offers a lot of incompatible mods. It perhaps once was a good solution, but it is definitely showing it's age.

Perhaps it is an idea to make a modding section on the Multiverse? The official mods are already there, Perhaps their makers can shed some light on the (im)possibities in doing so?
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AP hit the nail on the head.

I would still use xelerus for small, complete mods, but if you were to look at my projects now none of them would fit the filesize limit - even what I would call a "small" mod now is pushing it. And without being maintained, the majority of mods are broken or obsolete.

Multiverse is probably the best (eventual) replacement, but for now the forums have the best visibility and functionality.
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Yeah. Xelerus is dead. Even getting something to upload can be a set of extremely annoying workarounds. And it's so old and unmaintained that I don't feel comfortable encouraging the use of it.

We need to replace it, but sadly the planned xelerus replacement has slipped down the schedule every year since about 2012 or so.
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Xelerus is bleeding out, and it isn't really as integrated as it once was. People who have been here since forever still use it, but new users just attach mods to their posts.
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I only post mods on xelerus if they are complete and useful. Little example mods get posted on the forum. If you search "xelerus" and/or "upload" on the forum you will find info that makes it possible to upload mods. But if it's only a mod that's being developed as I go and probably has a few bugs in it then I don't see much point in putting it on xelerus because it may be a long time before I get the next updated version written.

That said, I'm about to post a mod that is a beta version. It's fully functional (as far as I know) but has a few minor glitches that don't affect the running of the mod. Because it works now, I'll upload it and the next version can go up whenever it get's written.

A handy hint is to use game images to reduce the mod size. If there is already a hero image for a ship then a playership mod becomes tiny. Or cut a section of a large image with code to get a small image that isn't standard in the game.
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