Updated mod for Identifying items?

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Not sure if this is the right place to ask but is there an updated mod for identifying items in a playthrough to make things easier? Also a mod for tracking if you did all the missions in a current system? I am having a hard time pinpointing these atm thanks.

In general what mods would you recommend to keep as much as the vanilla game as possible but to help people just complete a playthrough so you understand how everything works better for a real "official" playthrough with no mods. I just want to make sure I squeeze out everything of each system I visit.
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Which mods have you tried?
And which ones didn't work? It is difficult for mod writers to keep up with the many changes to the game, so good mods may not work in current game versions.

"Trading Post Menu" by PM is good. It shows a list of every item you can order there.

"Identify Before Buying and Selling" may be of use to you. It isn't as relevant now that most stations show the identified items.
"Item Information List" records every item the player has seen to refer back to at any time.

Full of spoilers is the "Taipan GodShip" and "GodMode". These are very overpowered and meant for modding not gameplay but let you learn about the game without hours of searching through systems.

It is difficult to record missions. They vary greatly. Some only occur if a certain enemy station is in the system, others have limits on the numbers of missions. You really just have to keep checking the relevant stations or ships as you find them to see if a mission is available.
The good news is some stations now give directions or hints. As an example, mining stations will send you to an IMU station when they have given out enough missions. Militia and Fleet stations say "no more missions", etc. And the little display boxes that George has added recently are excellent. They let you track your missions and progress.

You can also play in 'debug' mode. Search the forum for how to do this. This lets you use '9'/'Revert' to restart back when you last gated or reloaded the game. Useful for trying different strategies.

Happy exploring!
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