Corporate lawyers vs the Pilgrim! (And you!)

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This little idea came off a spot of discussion over at the IRC when we came across the topic of the recent Disney acquisition of the Star Wars franchise and how that would affect SW-related mods on Transcendence.

Basically, if we now have media corporations willing to send people to court for petty copyright offences, how would the megacorporations at the time of Transcendence react to people doodling their favourite Microsaurs(TM) on their own ships without using authorised material for Happy Happy Joy Joy Corporation(R)(TM)(LLC)?

I expect lawyers, judge, jury and thermonuclear warheads to be involved. Simultaneously.

Basically, here is a mod/background idea, NPCs may occasionally be caught having "suable" material on-board that can be scanned by corporate enforces or mercenaries and then apprehended (such as you, if you are "clean" and a diehard fan of Microsaurs). This can occur on the background as well as trigged by the player if (s)he has illegal items onboard. Now having a bootleg Star Wars 3DVs on your ship is truly a dangerous business.

Also, by hiring lawyers you stand a better chance at trial should you get sent to court, how much is that chance is proportional to how much money is spent. At the best (worst?) case scenerio, you can counter-sue the government/whoever you pirated for damages!
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