1.7a1a Issues that can be fixed in XML

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AssumedPseudonym wrote: Domina shouldn’t try to recharge a disabled shield, I mean. If your shield is disabled, She should just go straight to patching up your armor, instead. (If the shield is disabled, odds are that either it was done deliberately, it was drawing too much power for the reactor, or you have meteorsteel armor — none of which are situations where it would make sense to enable and recharge it since you would either just want to disable it again or it would get automatically disabled again on its own.) I could have been clearer on that, myself.
Yeah, I tried doing that, but I didn't manage to get the objGetItemProperty to tell me whether the ship's shield was actually enabled:


EDIT: I fixed the problem and uploaded a new version of the mod. I'll also change the text of the Ministry post to reflect your suggestion that Domina automatically repair armor if the shield is already disabled.
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