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F U N C T I O N   L I S T

(!= x1 x2 ... xn) -> True if any arguments are not equal
(* x1 x2 ... xn) -> z
(+ x1 [x2 ... xn]) -> sum (int32 or real)
(- x1 x2 ... xn) -> z
(- x) -> -x
(/ x y) -> x / y (real)
(< [x1 x2 ... xn]) -> True if x1 < x2 < ... < xn
(<= [x1 x2 ... xn]) -> True if x1 <= x2 <= ... <= xn
(= [x1 x2 ... xn]) -> True if all arguments are equal
(> [x1 x2 ... xn]) -> True if x1 > x2 > ... > xn
(>= [x1 x2 ... xn]) -> True if x1 >= x2 >= ... >= xn
(@ list index) -> item index from list (0-based)
(@ struct key) -> value corresponding to key from struct
(abs x) -> absolute value (int32 or real)
(acos x ['degrees]) -> inverse cosine (real)
(add x1 [x2 ... xn]) -> sum (after converting arguments to int32)
(and [exp1 exp2 ... expn]) -> True/Nil

Returns Nil if any argument is Nil, otherwise returns last argument
(append [list1 list2 ...]) -> concatenated list
(apply function [arg1 arg2 ... argn] argList) -> Result of function with arguments arg1... followed by contents of argList
(armGetRepairCost type) -> Cost to repair 1 hit point
(armGetRepairTech type) -> Tech level required to repair
(asin x ['degrees]) -> inverse sine (real)
(atan y [x] ['degrees]) -> inverse tangent (real)
(atmAddEntry ...)
(atmAtomTable ...)
(atmDeleteEntry ...)
(atmList ...)
(atmLookup ...)
(block [localsList exp1 exp2 ... expn]) -> value of expn

Evaluates a series of expressions and returns the value of the last one.
LocalsList is a list of local variables and/or lists consisting of a local variable and the initial value to assign it.If an expression evaluates to an error, returns that error and doesn't evaluate the rest.
(cat [string1 string2 ... stringn]) -> concatenated string
(ceil x) -> x rounded up, i.e. towards positive infinity (real)
(cnvDrawImage x y imageDesc [screen] [ID]) -> True/Nil
(cnvDrawLine xFrom yFrom xTo yTo width color [screen] [ID]) -> True/Nil
(cnvDrawRect x y width height color [screen] [ID]) -> True/Nil
(cnvDrawText x y [width] text font color alignment [screen] [ID]) -> True/Nil




(convertTo dataType value) -> result

dataType: 'error|'int32|'list|'nil|'real|'string|'true
(cos x ['degrees]) -> cosine (real)
(count list|string|struct) -> number of items or characters
(dbgIsActive) -> True if in debug mode, else Nil
(dbgLog [string]*) -> True if in debug mode, else Nil
(dbgOutput [string]*) -> True if in debug mode, else Nil
(divide x y) -> x / y after converting arguments to int32, rounded toward 0
(double x) -> x as a double
(ecoExchange amount fromCurrency toCurrency) -> amount
(enum list itemVar exp) -> value

Iterate itemVar over list evaluating exp. Returns the last value of exp.
(enumwhile list condition itemVar exp) -> value

Iterate itemVar over list evaluating exp while condition is True. Returns the last value of exp.
(eq [x1 x2 ... xn]) -> True if all arguments are equal
(errblock localsList [exp1 exp2 ... expn] expErr) -> value of expn or expErr if error occurs

Like block, except it evaluates and returns the last expression only if one of the other expressions evaluates to an error.
LocalsList must contain at least one variable. If the first variable is not assigned within localsList, it will be set
to the error while evaluating expErr.
(error msg) -> error
(eval exp) -> result

Evaluates the expression. If it's a string, result is the value of the corresponding symbol.
If it's a quoted expression, the expression is evaluated.
If it's a list, each item is evaluated, then it's evaluated as a function call.
(exp x) -> e^x (real)
(filter list var boolean-exp) -> filtered list

Iterates var over list, evaluating boolean-exp. Returns a list containing the items for which boolean-exp is non-Nil.
(find string target) -> position of target in string (0-based)
(find source-list target ['ascending|'descending] [keyIndex]) -> position of target in source-list (0-based)

The 'ascending or 'descending argument makes the function more efficient if the list is long and sorted in the specified direction.
Specifying an integer keyIndex causes it to compare that item of each list within source-list with the target instead.

(floor x) -> x rounded down, i.e. towards negative infinity (real)
(fmtCompose text [data]) -> string
(fmtCurrency currency [amount]) -> string
(fmtNoun name nameFlags count formatFlags) -> string
(fmtNumber [type] value) -> string


(fmtPower powerInKWs) -> string
(fmtVerb verb pluralize) -> string
(for var from to exp) -> value of last expression
(gamEnd endGameReason epitaph [scoreBonus]) -> True/Nil
(gamSave [options]) -> True/Nil


'checkpoint (or Nil)
(gamSetCrawlImage imageUNID) -> True/Nil
(gamSetCrawlSoundtrack soundtrackUNID) -> True/Nil
(gamSetCrawlText text) -> True/Nil
(geq [x1 x2 ... xn]) -> True if x1 >= x2 >= ... >= xn
(getAPIVersion) -> version
(gr [x1 x2 ... xn]) -> True if x1 > x2 > ... > xn
(help) -> this help
(help '*) -> all functions
(help 'partial-string) -> all functions starting with partial-string
(help 'function-name) -> help on function-name

(if condition exp1 [exp2]) -> exp1 if condition True, otherwise exp2
(int x) -> x as an integer
(objTranslate obj textID [data] [default]) -> text (or Nil)
(isatom exp) -> True if exp is not a list
(iserror exp) -> True if exp is an error
(isfunction exp) -> True if exp is a function
(isint exp) -> True if exp is an integer
(isprimitive exp) -> True if exp is a primitive
(itmCreate itemUNID count) -> item
(itmCreateByName criteria name [count]) -> item

criteria as itmGetTypes
(itmCreateRandom criteria levelDistribution) -> item

criteria as itmGetTypes
(itmEnumTypes criteria item-var exp) -> value of last expression

criteria as itmGetTypes
(itmFireEvent item|type event [data]) -> result of event
(itmGetActualPrice item|type) -> actual price of a single item
(itmGetArmorInstalledLocation item) -> segment #
(itmGetArmorType item) -> type
(itmGetAverageAppearing item|type) -> average number that appear randomly
(itmGetCategory item|type) -> item category
(itmGetCount item) -> count of items
(itmGetDamageType item|type) -> damage type
(itmGetData item attrib) -> data
(itmGetFrequency item|type [level]) -> frequency
(itmGetImageDesc item|type) -> imageDesc
(itmGetInstallCost item|type [currency]) -> cost
(itmGetInstallPos item) -> installPos
(itmGetLevel item|type) -> level
(itmGetMass item|type) -> mass of single item in kg
(itmGetMaxAppearing item|type) -> max number that appear randomly
(itmGetName item|type [flags]) -> name of item


0x0001 'capitalize capitalize first letter
0x0002 'plural pluralize name
0x0004 'article prefix with 'the' or 'a'
0x0008 'count prefix with count or singular article
0x0010 'countOnly prefix with count or nothing
0x0020 'noModifiers no modifiers ('damaged' etc)
0x0040 'demonstrative prefix with 'the' or 'this' or 'these'
0x0080 'short use short name
0x0100 'actual actual name (not unidentified name)
0x0200 'noEvent do not fire GetName event
0x0400 'titleCapitalize capitalize as a title
0x0800 'installedState prefix with 'installed' if necessary
0x1000 'countAlways always prefix with count
0x40000 'noDeterminer no prefix, but pluralize if necessary
0x80000 'noQuotes replace double-quotes with single-quotes
(itmGetPrice item|type [currency]) -> price of a single item
(itmGetProperty item|type property) -> value


(itmGetStaticData item attrib) -> data
(itmGetType item) -> itemUNID
(itmGetTypeData item|type attrib) -> data
(itmGetTypes criteria) -> list of itemUNIDs


* Include all item categories
a Include armor devices
b Include misc devices
c Include cargo hold devices
d Include all devices
f Include fuel
l Include launcher devices
m/M Include missiles and ammo / missiles only
p Include primary weapon devices
r Include reactor devices
s Include shield devices
t Include misc items
u Include useful items
v Include drive devices
w Include all weapon devices
V Include virtual items
~ Exclude category
^ Require category

+/-xyz Require / exclude items with attribute
+/-UNID:xyz Require / exclude items with unid
+/-launchedBy:xyz Require / exclude ammo launched by unid
+/-damageType:xyz Require / exclude weapons with damage

F:xyz Only items with the given frequency
L:x-y Only Items of level x to y
comparison criteria supported: < <= = => >
< x Only items with level less than x
<$ x Only items costing less than x
<# x Only items massing less than x
(itmGetUseScreen item|type) -> screenUNID
(itmHasAttribute item|type attrib) -> True/Nil
(itmHasReference item|type) -> True/Nil
(itmIsEnhanced item) -> Nil or mods
(itmIsEqual item1 item2 [options]) -> True/Nil


(itmIsInstalled item) -> True/Nil
(itmIsKnown item|type) -> True/Nil
(itmMatches item|type criteria) -> True/Nilcriteria as itmGetTypes
(itmSetCount item count) -> item
(itmSetData item attrib data [count]) -> item
(itmSetEnhanced item mods) -> item
(itmSetKnown type|item [True/Nil]) -> True/Nil
(itmSetProperty item property value) -> item


'charges charges
'damaged [True|Nil]
'disrupted [True|Nil|ticks]
'incCharges charges
'installed [True|Nil] 'level level
(itmSetReference item) -> True/Nil
(itmSetTypeData item attrib data) -> True/Nil
(join list [separator]) -> string
(join list 'oxfordComma) -> string
(lambda args-list exp) -> lambda function
(leq [x1 x2 ... xn]) -> True if x1 <= x2 <= ... <= xn
(link ...)
(list i1 i2 ... in) -> list
(lnkAppend list item) -> list
(lnkRemove list index) -> list
(lnkRemoveNil list) -> list
(lnkReplace list index item) -> list
(log x [base]) -> z
(lookup source target ['ascending|'descending] [keyIndex]) -> found entry
(loop condition exp) -> evaluate exp until condition is Nil
(ls [x1 x2 ... xn]) -> True if x1 < x2 < ... < xn
(make 'sequence count) -> list from 1 to count
(make 'sequence start end [inc]) -> list from start to end
(map list ['excludeNil|'original|'reduceMax|'reduceMin|'reduceAverage|'reduceSum] var exp) -> list
(match list var boolean-exp) -> first item that matches
(max x1 x2 ... xn) -> z
(min x1 x2 ... xn) -> z
(mod ['degrees] x y) -> z
(modulo ['degrees] x y) -> z
(msnAccept missionObj)
(msnAddRecurringTimerEvent missionObj interval event)

interval in ticks
(msnAddTimerEvent missionObj delay event)

delay in ticks
(msnCancelTimerEvent missionObj event) -> True/Nil
(msnCreate unid owner [data]) -> missionObj|Nil
(msnCreate unid-list owner [data]) -> missionObj|Nil
(msnDecline missionObj)
(msnDestroy missionObj) -> True/Nil
(msnFailure missionObj [data])
(msnFind [source] criteria) -> list of missionObjs


* Include all missions states
a Include active player missions
o Include open missions
r Include already debriefed (recorded) missions
u Include non-player missions
D Only missions debriefed by source
P Return only the mission with highest priority
S Only missions owned by source
+/-{attrib} Require/exclude missions with given attribute
+/-ownerID:{id} Require/exclude missions with given owner
+/-unid:{unid} Require/exclude missions of given unid
(msnFireEvent missionObj event [data]) -> result of event
(msnGetData missionObj attrib) -> data
(msnGetObjRefData missionObj attrib) -> obj
(msnGetProperty missionObj property) -> value


'acceptedOn Tick on which player accepted mission (or Nil)
'canBeDeclined Mission can be declined by player
'canBeDeleted Mission can be deleted by player
'debrieferID ID of the object that will debrief the player
'forceUndockAfterDebrief Force undock after showing debrief screen
'hasDebrief Mission has a debrief phase
'id Mission object ID
'isActive Is an active player mission
'isCompleted Is a completed mission (player or non-player)
'isDebriefed Player has been debriefed
'isDeclined Player has declined mission
'isFailure Mission has failed
'isIntroShown Player has been shown intro text
'isOpen Mission is available to player
'isRecorded Mission has been completed and debriefed
'isSuccess Mission has succeeded
'isUnavailable Mission is unavailable to player
'name The name of the mission
'nodeID ID of the mission's owner system
'ownerID ID of the mission's owner object
'priority Mission priority
'summary A summary description of the mission
'unid Mission type UNID
(msnGetStaticData missionObj attrib) -> data
(msnIncData missionObj attrib [increment]) -> new value
(msnRegisterForEvents missionObj obj)
(msnReward missionObj [data])
(msnSetData missionObj attrib data)
(msnSetObjRefData missionObj attrib obj)
(msnSetPlayerTarget missionObj)
(msnSetProperty obj property value) -> True/Nil


'debrieferID obj
'isDebriefed True|Nil
'isDeclined True|Nil
'isIntroShown True|Nil
'name newName
'summary newSummary
(msnSetUnavailable missionObj)
(msnSuccess missionObj [data])
(msnTranslate missionObj textID [data] [default]) -> text (or Nil)
(multiply x1 x2 ... xn) -> z
(neq x1 x2 ... xn) -> True if any arguments are not equal
(not exp) -> True/Nil
(objAccelerate obj angle thrust [ticks]) -> velVector
(objAddBuyOrder obj criteria priceAdj) -> True/Nil
(objAddConnection obj1 connectType obj2 [options]) -> connectionID




'pos1: position relative to obj1
'pos2: position relative to obj2

(objAddItem obj item|type [count]) -> item
(objAddItemEnhancement obj item enhancementType [lifetime]) -> enhancementID
(objAddOverlay obj overlayType [lifetime]) -> overlayID
(objAddOverlay obj overlayType pos rotation [lifetime]) -> overlayID
(objAddRandomItems obj table count) -> True/Nil
(objAddSellOrder obj criteria priceAdj) -> True/Nil
(objAddSubordinate obj subordinate) -> True/Nil
(objAddTradeOrder obj service criteria priceAdj) -> True/Nil
(objCalcBestTarget obj [objList]) -> targetObj (or Nil)
(objCanAttack obj) -> True/Nil
(objCanDetectTarget obj target) -> True/Nil
(objCanInstallItem obj item [armorSeg|deviceSlot]) -> (True/Nil resultCode resultString [itemToReplace])


(objChangeEquipmentStatus obj equipment command [duration] [options]) -> True/Nil





duration is in ticks


(objCharge obj [currency] amount) -> remaining balance
(objClearIdentified obj) -> True/Nil
(objClearShowAsDestination obj) -> True/Nil
(objCommunicate obj senderObj msg [obj] [data]) -> result


(objCreateReflection missile [pos] [angle]) -> reflection
(objCredit obj [currency] amount) -> new balance
(objDamage obj weaponType objSource [pos] [options]) -> result




'fullResult Return result as struct
'ignoreOverlays Hit shields and below
'ignoreShields Hit armor and below
'noHitEffect No hit effect created
(objDepleteShields obj) -> True/Nil
(objDestroy obj [objSource]) -> True/Nil
(objEnumItems obj criteria itemVar exp) -> value

criteria as objGetItems
(objFireEvent obj event [data]) -> result of event
(objFireItemEvent obj item event [data]) -> result of event
(objFireItemInvoke obj item) -> True/Nil
(objFireOverlayEvent obj overlayID event [data]) -> result of event
(objFirePowerInvoke obj power [target] ['noInvokeCheck]) -> result of event
(objFireWeapon obj weapon target [fireDelay] [checkFireDelay]) -> True/Nil
(objFixParalysis obj) -> True/Nil
(objGateTo obj node entrypoint [effectID]) -> True/Nil
(objGetArmorCriticality obj item|armorSegment) -> criticalityType
(objGetArmorDamage obj item|armorSegment) -> damage to armor segment
(objGetArmorLevel obj item|armorSegment) -> 0-100%%
(objGetArmorName obj item|armorSegment) -> name of armor (e.g., 'forward', etc.)
(objGetArmorRepairPrice obj [shipObj] armorItem hpToRepair) -> price (at which obj repairs)
(objGetArmorReplacePrice obj armorItem) -> price
(objGetArmorType obj item|armorSegment) -> type
(objGetBalance obj [currency]) -> balance
(objGetBuyPrice obj item [options]) -> price (at which obj buys item)


(objGetCargoSpaceLeft obj) -> space left in kg
(objGetCombatPower obj) -> 0-100
(objGetDamageType obj) -> damage type
(objGetData obj attrib) -> data
(objGetDataField obj field) -> data
(objGetDetectRange obj targetObj) -> range in light-seconds
(objGetDisposition obj targetObj) -> disposition of obj towards targetObj


(objGetDistance obj destObj) -> distance in light-seconds
(objGetEquipmentStatus obj equipment) -> status




(objGetEventHandler obj) -> unid or Nil
(objGetID obj) -> objID
(objGetImageDesc obj) -> imageDesc
(objGetInstalledItemDesc obj item) -> 'installed as forward armor'
(objGetItemProperty obj item property) -> value



All properties for itmGetProperty are also valid.
(objGetItems obj criteria) -> list of items

criteria as itmGetTypes plus

I Only installed devices
D Only damaged items
N Only undamaged items
S Only usable items
U Only uninstalled items
(objGetLevel obj) -> level
(objGetMass obj) -> mass in tons
(objGetMaxPower obj) -> power (in 1/10 MWs)
(objGetName obj [flags]) -> Name of the object


0x001 'capitalize capitalize first letter
0x002 'plural pluralize name
0x004 'article prefix with 'the' or 'a'
0x008 'count prefix with count or singular article
0x010 'countOnly prefix with count or nothing
0x020 'noModifiers no modifiers ('damaged' etc)
0x040 'demonstrative prefix with 'the' or 'this' or 'these'
0x080 'short use short name
0x100 'actual actual name (not unidentified name)
(objGetNamedItems obj name) -> list of items
(objGetNearestStargate obj) -> obj
(objGetObjByID objID) -> obj
(objGetObjRefData obj attrib) -> obj
(objGetOpenDockingPortCount obj) -> count of open docking ports
(objGetOrderGiver obj [destroyReason]) -> obj
(objGetOverlayData obj overlayID attrib) -> data
(objGetOverlayPos obj overlayID) -> vector
(objGetOverlayProperty obj overlayID property) -> value



(objGetOverlayRotation obj overlayID) -> rotation
(objGetOverlays obj [criteria|overlayType]) -> list of overlayIDs
(objGetOverlayType obj overlayID) -> type
(objGetPlayerPriceAdj obj [data]) -> priceAdj (or Nil if no adj)
(objGetPos obj) -> vector
(objGetProperty obj property) -> value

property (all)

'category -> 'beam | 'effect | 'marker | 'missile | 'ship | 'station
'currency -> currency type UNID
'dockingPorts -> list of structs with the keys:

objID: ID of docked object, if any
pos: port position
status: 'empty | 'inUse

'installDeviceUpgradeOnly -> true if it only installs devices as part of a purchase
'mass -> hull mass in tons
'paintLayer -> 'background | 'space | 'stations | 'ships | 'effects | 'overhang
'scale -> 'star | 'world | 'station | 'ship | 'flotsam

property (ships)

'cargoSpace -> in tons
'damageDesc -> { shieldLevel:n armorIntegrity:n HullIntegrity:n }
'drivePowerUse -> in kW
'fuelCapacity -> in He3 fuel rods
'fuelCapacityExact -> 2500 = 1 He3 fuel rod
'fuelCriteria -> criteria string
'fuelEfficiency -> 15 = standard, more is better
'fuelEfficiencyBonus -> increased efficiency over standard, in %%
'fuelLeft -> in He3 fuel rods
'fuelLeftExact -> 2500 = 1 He3 fuel rod
'hullPrice -> in object's default currency
'maxFuel -> in He3 fuel rods
'maxFuelExact -> 2500 = 1 He3 fuel rod
'maxSpeed -> in %% c
'operatingSpeed -> 'emergency | 'full | 'half | 'quarter
'power -> max reactor output in kW
'powerUse -> current power draw in kW
'price -> total price in default currency
'rotation -> current facing in degrees, counterclockwise from right
'rotationSpeed -> in degrees per tick, clockwise positive
'thrust -> in GN
'thrustToWeight -> acceleration, 1 = 500 m/s^2 (ships stats show this / 1000)

property (stations)


property (missiles)


property (markers)

'style -> 'smallCross

NOTE: All type properties (accessed via typGetProperty) are also valid object properties.
(objGetRefuelItemAndPrice obj objToRefuel) -> (item price)
(objGetSellPrice obj item ['noInventoryCheck]) -> price (at which obj sells item)
(objGetShieldLevel obj) -> 0-100%% (or -1 for no shields)
(objGetShipBuyPrice obj shipObj) -> price (at which obj buys ship)
(objGetShipSellPrice obj shipObj) -> price (at which obj sells ship)
(objGetShipwreckType obj) -> unid
(objGetStargateID obj) -> gateID
(objGetStaticData obj attrib) -> data
(objGetTarget obj) -> obj
(objGetType obj) -> unid
(objGetTypeData obj attrib) -> data
(objGetVel obj) -> velVector
(objGetVisibleDamage obj) -> damage %%
(objHasAttribute obj attrib) -> True/Nil
(objHasItem obj item [count]) -> number of items (or Nil)
(objIncData obj attrib [increment]) -> new value
(objIncOverlayData obj overlayID attrib [increment]) -> new value
(objIncVel obj velVector) -> velVector

velVector in %% of light-speed
(objIsAngryAt obj targetObj) -> True/Nil
(objIsDeviceSlotAvailable ship) -> True/Nil
(objIsDockedAt obj stationObj) -> True/Nil
(objIsEnemy obj target) -> True/Nil
(objIsIdentified obj) -> True/Nil
(objIsKnown obj) -> True/Nil
(objIsParalyzed obj) -> True/Nil
(objIsRadioactive obj) -> True/Nil
(objIsShip obj) -> True/Nil
(objJumpTo obj pos) -> True/Nil
(objLowerShields obj) -> True/Nil
(objMakeParalyzed obj ticks) -> True/Nil
(objMatches obj source filter) -> True/Nil

criteria as sysFindObject
(objProgramDamage obj hacker progName aiLevel code) -> True/Nil

Chance to execute code is: 90 + 10 * (aiLevel - cyberDefenseLevel)
(objRecordBuyItem buyerObj sellerObj item [currency] price) -> True/Nil
(objRegisterForEvents target obj) -> True/Nil
(objRegisterForSystemEvents target range) -> True/Nil
(objRemoveItem obj item [count]) -> True/Nil
(objRemoveItemEnhancement obj item enhancementID) -> True/Nil
(objRemoveOverlay obj overlayID) -> True/Nil
(objRepairArmor ship item|armorSegment [hpToRepair]) -> hp repaired
(objResume obj [gateObj]) -> True/Nil
(objSendMessage obj sender text) -> True/Nil
(objSendMessageTranslate obj sender textID [data]) -> True/Nil
(objSetData obj attrib data) -> True/Nil
(objSetDeviceActivationDelay obj deviceItem [delay]) -> True/Nil
(objSetEventHandler obj unid) -> True/Nil
(objSetIdentified obj) -> True/Nil
(objSetItemData obj item attrib data [count]) -> item
(objSetItemProperty obj item property value [count]) -> item


'charges charges
'damaged [True|Nil]
'disrupted [True|Nil|ticks]
'enabled [True|Nil|'silentDisabled|'silentEnabled]
'fireArc Nil|(min max)|'omnidirectional
'hp hitPoints
'incCharges charges
'linkedFireOptions list-of-options
'pos (angle radius [z])
'secondary [True|Nil]
(objSetKnown obj) -> True/Nil
(objSetName obj name [flags]) -> True/Nil


0x0001 Definite article
0x0002 Pluralize first word
0x0004 Add 'es' to pluralize
0x0008 Custom plural after semicolon
0x0010 Pluralize second word
0x0020 Reverse 'a' vs 'an'
0x0040 No article
0x0080 Personal name
(objSetObjRefData obj attrib obj) -> True/Nil
(objSetOverlayData obj overlayID attrib data)
(objSetOverlayEffectProperty obj overlayID property value)
(objSetOverlayPos obj overlayID pos)
(objSetOverlayProperty obj overlayID property value)


'pos position
'rotation angle
(objSetOverlayRotation obj overlayID rotation)
(objSetPos obj vector [rotation])
(objSetProperty obj property value) -> True/Nil

property (ships)

'alwaysLeaveWreck True|Nil
'dockingEnabled True|Nil
'commsKey key
'known True|Nil
'operatingSpeed 'full|'half|'quarter|'emergency
'playerWingman True|Nil
'rotation angle
'selectedMissile type|item
'selectedWeapon type|item
'sovereign type

property (stations)

'angry True|Nil|ticks
'barrier True|Nil
'ignoreFriendlyFire True|Nil
'hp hitPoints
'immutable True|Nil
'known True|Nil
'maxHP hitPoints
'maxStructuralHP hitPoints
'orbit orbit|Nil
'paintLayer 'overhang|Nil
'parallax factor
'playerBlacklisted True|Nil
'shipConstructionEnabled True|Nil
'shipReinforcementEnabled True|Nil
'sovereign type
'structuralHP hitPoints
(objSetShowAsDestination obj [options]) -> True/Nil


'autoClear Clear when in SRS range
'autoClearOnDestroy Clear when destroyed
'autoClearOnDock Clear when player docks
'showDistance Show distance
'showHighlight Show target highlight
(objSetTradeDesc obj currency [maxCurrency replenishCurrency]) -> True/Nil
(objSetTypeData obj attrib data)
(objSetVel obj velVector)
(objSuspend obj)
(objTranslate obj textID [data] [default]) -> text (or Nil)
(objUnregisterForEvents target obj)
(objUnregisterForSystemEvents target)
(or exp1 exp2 ... expn) -> True/Nil

Returns first non-Nil argument
(plyChangeShip player newShip [options]) -> True/Nil



(plyCharge player [currency] charge) -> credits left
(plyComposeString player string [arg1 arg2 ... argn]) -> text

When composing the string the following substitutions are made:

%%name%% player name
%%he%% he or she
%%his%% his or her (matching case)
%%hers%% his or hers (matching case)
%%him%% him or her (matching case)
%%sir%% sir or ma'am (matching case)
%%man%% man or woman (matching case)
%%brother%% brother or sister (matching case)
%%son%% son or daughter (matching case)
%%%% %%
%%1%% arg1
%%2%% ...
(plyCredit player [currency] credit) -> credits left
(plyDestroyed player epitaph) -> True/Nil
(plyEnableMessage player messageID True/Nil) -> True/Nil


(plus all messageIDs for plyIsMessageEnabled)
(plyGetCredits player [currency]) -> credits left
(plyGetGenome player) -> 'humanMale | 'humanFemale
(plyGetItemStat player stat criteria|type) -> value


(plyGetKeyEventStat player stat nodeID typeCriteria) -> value


(plyGetRedirectMessage player) -> text or Nil
(plyGetStat player stat) -> value


(plyIncScore player scoreInc) -> score
(plyIsMessageEnabled player messageID) -> True/Nil


(plyMessage player message) -> True/Nil
(plyRecordBuyItem player item [currency] totalPrice) -> True/Nil
(plyRecordSellItem player item [currency] totalPrice) -> True/Nil
(plyRedirectMessage player True/Nil) -> True/Nil
(plyUseItem player item) -> True/Nil
(pow x y) -> z
(power x y) -> z
(print [string]*) -> True
(printTo output [string]*) -> True

output is one or more of:

(quote exp) -> unevaluated exp
(random from to)
(random list)
(randomGaussian low mid high) -> random number between low and high
(randomTable chance1 exp1 chance2 exp2 ... chancen expn) -> exp
(regex source pattern ['offset|'subex]) -> result
(resColorBlend rgbDest rgbSource srcOpacity) -> rgbColor
(resCreateImageDesc imageUNID x y width height) -> imageDesc
(resGetImageProperty imageDesc property) -> value


(rollDice count sides [bonus]) -> value
(round ['stochastic] x) -> y
(scrAddAction screen actionID pos label [key] [special] code) -> True/Nil
(scrAddListFilter screen filterID label filter) -> True/Nil

filter can be lambda function or item criteria
(scrAddMinorAction screen actionID pos label [key] [special] code) -> True/Nil
(scrEnableAction screen actionID enabled) -> True/Nil
(scrExitScreen screen ['forceUndock]) -> True/Nil
(scrGetCounter screen) -> value
(scrGetData screen attrib) -> data
(scrGetDesc screen) -> text
(scrGetInputText screen) -> text
(scrGetItem screen) -> item
(scrGetListCursor screen) -> cursor
(scrGetListEntry screen) -> entry
(scrGetScreen gScreen) -> screenDesc


'screen: Current screen
'pane: Current pane
'data: Associated data
(scrIncData screen attrib [increment]) -> value
(scrIsActionEnabled screen actionID) -> True/Nil
(scrIsFirstOnInit screen) -> True/Nil
(scrRefreshScreen screen) -> True/Nil
(scrRemoveAction screen actionID) -> True/Nil
(scrRemoveItem screen count) -> item
(scrSetActionDesc screen actionID text) -> True/Nil
(scrSetActionLabel screen actionID label [key] [special]) -> True/Nil
(scrSetBackgroundImage screen imageDesc) -> True/Nil
(scrSetControlValue screen controlID value) -> True/Nil
(scrSetControlValueTranslate screen controlID textID [data]) -> True/Nil
(scrSetCounter screen counter) -> True/Nil
(scrSetData screen attrib data) -> True/Nil
(scrSetDesc screen text [text...]) -> True/Nil
(scrSetDescTranslate screen textID [data]) -> True/Nil
(scrSetDisplayText screen ID text [text...]) -> True/Nil
(scrSetInputText screen text) -> True/Nil
(scrSetListCursor screen cursor) -> True/Nil
(scrSetListFilter screen filter) -> True/Nil
(scrShowAction screen actionID shown) -> True/Nil
(scrShowItemUseScreen screen item) -> True/Nil
(scrShowPane screen pane) -> True/Nil
(scrShowScreen screen screen [pane] [data]) -> True/Nil
(scrTranslate screen textID [data]) -> text or Nil
(seededRandom seed from to)
(seededRandom seed list)
(set string value) -> value
([email protected] list-var index value) -> list
([email protected] struct-var key value) -> struct
([email protected] struct-var struct) -> merged structs
(setq variable value)
(shpCancelOrder ship [orderIndex]) -> True/Nil
(shpCancelOrders ship) -> True/Nil
(shpCanRemoveDevice ship item) -> resultCode


0 OK
1 Too much cargo to remove cargo hold
2 Device not installed
3 Replace only
string custom fail reason
(shpConsumeFuel ship fuel [useType]) -> fuelLeft


(shpDamageArmor ship armorSegment damageType damage ['noSRSFlash]) -> damage done
(shpDecontaminate ship) -> True/Nil
(shpEnhanceItem ship item [mods]) -> True/Nil
(shpGetAISetting ship setting)
(shpGetArmor ship armorSegment) -> item struct
(shpGetArmorCount ship) -> number of armor segments
(shpGetArmorMaxHitPoints obj item|armorSegment) -> damage to armor segment
(shpGetClassName class flags) -> class name
(shpGetDirection ship) -> angle
(shpGetDockObj ship) -> dockObj
(shpGetFuelLeft ship) -> fuel left
(shpGetFuelNeeded ship item) -> items needed
(shpGetImageDesc class [rotationAngle]) -> imageDesc
(shpGetItemDeviceName ship item) -> device name of item (or -1)
(shpGetMaxSpeed ship) -> max speed in %% of lightspeed
(shpGetOrder obj) -> order
(shpGetOrderCount obj) -> count
(shpGetOrderDesc obj [orderIndex]) -> orderDesc
(shpGetOrderTarget obj) -> obj
(shpGetShieldDamage ship) -> damage to shields
(shpGetShieldItemUNID ship) -> UNID (or Nil)
(shpGetShieldMaxHitPoints ship) -> max hp of shields
(shpInstallArmor ship item armorSegment)
(shpInstallDevice ship item [deviceSlot])
(shpIsBlind ship) -> True/Nil
(shpIsFuelCompatible ship item) -> True/Nil
(shpIsRadiationImmune ship [item])
(shpMakeRadioactive ship) -> True/Nil
(shpOrder ship order [target] [count]) -> True/Nil


'aim obj Aim, but do not fire
'approach obj [dist] Approach target
'attack obj [time] Attack target
'attackArea obj dist [time] Attack around target
'attackHold obj [time]
'attackNearestEnemy Attack nearest enemy
'attackPlayerOnReturn Wait and attack player
'attackStation obj [?] Attack target station
'bombard obj [time] Hold and attack target
'dock obj Dock with target
'escort obj [ang] [dist] Escort target
'fireEvent obj event Fire event on target
'follow obj Follow without defending
'gate [obj] Gate out of system
'gateOnStationDestroyed Flee if station destroyed
'gateOnThreat Flee if threatened
'goto obj [dist] Goto target
'gotoPos pos Goto position
'guard obj Guard target
'hold [time] Stay in place
'holdAndAttack obj [time]
'holdCourse course dist Hold course
'loot obj Loot target
'mine obj Mine asteroids [base]
'navPath navID Follow nav path ID
'orbit obj dist [time] Orbit target
'patrol obj [dist] Patrol around target
'scavenge Scavenge for scraps
'sendMessage obj msg Send message to target
'sentry obj [time] Guard target (turrets)
'tradeRoute Move between stations
'turnTo ang Turn to face angle
'wait [time] Wait, do not attack
'waitForEnemy [time] Wait until enemy in LRS
'waitForPlayer Wait for player to return
'waitForTarget obj [dist] [time] Wait until target in range
'waitForThreat [time]
'waitForUndock obj [time] Wait for target to undock
'wander Wander, avoiding enemies
(shpOrderImmediate ship order [target] [count]) -> True/Nil
(shpRechargeShield ship hpToRecharge) -> True/Nil
(shpRefuelFromItem ship item) -> True/Nil
(shpRemoveDevice ship item) -> item
(shpRepairItem ship item) -> True/Nil
(shpSetAISetting ship setting value)


= 'advanced
= 'chase
= 'flyby
= 'noRetreat
= 'standard
= 'standOff

'aggressor (True/Nil)
'ascendOnGate (True/Nil)
'flockFormation (True/Nil)
'ignoreShieldsDown (True/Nil)
'noAttackOnThreat (True/Nil)
'noDogfights (True/Nil)
'noFriendlyFire (True/Nil)
'noFriendlyFireCheck (True/Nil)
'noNavPaths (True/Nil)
'noOrderGiver (True/Nil)
'noTargetsOfOpportunity (True/Nil)

'combatSeparation {pixels}
'fireAccuracy {percent}
'fireRangeAdj {percent}
'fireRateAdj {value; 10 = normal; 20 = twice as slow}
'perception {value}
(shpSetCommandCode ship code) -> True/Nil
(shpSetController ship controller) -> True/Nil
(shuffle list) -> shuffled list
(sin x ['degrees]) -> z
(sort list ['ascending|'descending] [keyIndex]) -> sorted list
(sovGetDisposition sovereignID targetSovereignID) -> disposition of sovereign to target

output is one of:

(sovGetName sovereignID [flags]) -> name
(sovMessage sovereignID text) -> True/Nil
(sovMessageFromObj sovereignID obj text) -> True/Nil
(sovSetDisposition sovereignID targetSovereignID disposition)


0 / 'enemy
1 / 'neutral
2 / 'friend
(split string [characters]) -> list
(sqrt x) -> integer z
(sqrtn x) -> real z
(staClearFireReconEvent station)
(staClearReconned station)
(staGetDockedShips station) -> list of docked ships
(staGetImageVariant station) -> variant
(staGetSubordinates station) -> list of subordinates (e.g., guardians)
(staIsEncountered type) -> True/Nil
(staIsReconned station) -> True/Nil
(staSetActive station [True/Nil])
(staSetFireReconEvent station)
(staSetImageVariant station variant)
(staSetShowMapLabel station True/Nil)
(strCapitalize string) -> string
(strFind string target) -> pos of target in string (0-based)
(struct key1 value1 [ key2 value2 ...]) -> struct
(struct (key1 value1) [ (key2 value2) ...]) -> struct
(struct struct1 [struct2 ...]) -> struct
{ key1:value1 [key2:value2 ...] } -> struct

Creates a data structure. Keys must be strings, but this is assumed when using {} syntax. Use (@ struct key) to access data.
(structAppend key1 value1 [ key2 value2 ...]) -> struct
(structAppend (key1 value1) [ (key2 value2) ...]) -> struct
(structAppend struct1 [struct2 ...]) -> struct

Same as struct except values of the same key are appended into a list.
(subset list pos [count]) -> list
(subst string arg1 arg2 ... argn) -> string
(subtract x1 x2 ... xn) -> z
(switch [cond1 exp1 ... condn expn] [defaultexp]) -> value

Evaluates conditions until one returns non-Nil, then evaluates and returns the corresponding expression.
(sysAddEncounterEvent delay target encounterID gate)

delay in ticks
(sysAddEncounterEventAtDist delay target encounterID distance)

delay in ticks
(sysAddObjRecurringTimerEvent interval obj event)

interval in ticks
(sysAddObjTimerEvent delay obj event)

delay in ticks
(sysAddStargateTopology [nodeID] gateID destNodeID destGateID) -> True/Nil
(sysAddTypeRangeEvent type event options)


'center Fire event when target gets close to this point
'radius Within this radius (light-seconds)
'criteria Objects that will trigger. If Nil, player triggers
(sysAddTypeRecurringTimerEvent interval type event)

interval in ticks
(sysAddTypeTimerEvent delay type event)
(sysAscendObject obj) -> True/Nil
(sysCalcFireSolution targetPos targetVel speed) -> angle to shoot (Nil, if no solution)
(sysCalcStdCombatStrength level) -> standard combat strength for level
(sysCalcTravelDistance speed time) -> distance in light-seconds
(sysCalcTravelTime distance speed) -> time in ticks
(sysCancelTimerEvent obj event) -> True/Nil
(sysCancelTypeTimerEvent type event) -> True/Nil
(sysCreateEffect effectID anchorObj pos [rotation]) -> True/Nil
(sysCreateEncounter unid [options]) -> True/Nil


'distance Encounter distance (light-seconds), if gate is Nil
'gate Gate to appear at (if Nil, use distance)
'target Target of encounter
(sysCreateFlotsam item|unid pos sovereignID) -> obj
(sysCreateHitEffect weaponUNID hitObj hitPos hitDir damageHP) -> True/Nil
(sysCreateLookup tableName orbit) -> True/Nil
(sysCreateMarker name pos sovereignID) -> marker
(sysCreateShip unid pos sovereignID [options|eventHandler|controller]) -> ship or list

pos is either a position vector or a space object (gate, station, ship)


'target (for ship tables)


'auton auton
'ferian Ferian
'fleet fleet member
'fleetcommand fleet squad leader
'gaianprocessor Gaian processor
(sysCreateShipwreck unid pos sovereignID) -> shipwreck

pos is either a position vector or a space object
(sysCreateStargate unid pos gateID [destNodeID destGateID]) -> obj
(sysCreateStation unid pos [eventHandler]) -> obj
(sysCreateTerritory orbit minRadius maxRadius attributes [criteria]) -> True/Nil
(sysCreateWeaponFire weaponID objSource pos dir speed objTarget [options] [bonus%%]) -> obj


(sysDescendObject objID pos) -> obj
(sysFindObject source criteria) -> list of objects

criteria is a string that must specify one or more of the following categories:

b Include beams
G Include ONLY stargates
G:xyz; Include ONLY stargate with ID 'xyz'
k Include markers
m Include missiles
s Include ships
t Include stations (including planets)
T Include structure-scale stations
t:xyz; Same as "t +xyz;"
T:xyz; Same as "T +xyz;"
z Include the player

and may contain any number of the following options:

A Active objects only (i.e., objects that can attack)
D:xyz; Only objects with data 'xyz'
E Enemies of the source only
F Friends of the source only
H Only objects whose base = source
I:angle; Only objects that intersect line from source
J Same sovereign as source
J:unid; Sovereign unid = unid
K Killed objects only (i.e., objects that cannot attack)
L:x-y; Objects of level x to y.
M Manufactured objects only (i.e., no planets or asteroids)
N Return only the nearest object to the source
N:nn; Return only objects within nn light-seconds
O:docked; Ships that are currently docked at source
O:escort; Ships ordered to escort source
O:guard; Ships ordered to guard source
P Only objects that can be detected (perceived) by source
R Return only the farthest object from the source
R:nn; Return only objects greater than nn light-seconds away
S:sort; Sort order ('d' = distance ascending; 'D' = distance descending
V Include virtual objects
X Only objects whose target is the source
Y Only objects angry at (or enemies of) the source
Z Exclude the player
+xyz; Exclude objects without the given attribute
-xyz; Exclude objects with the given attribute
=n Only objects of level n. You can also use >, <, >=, and <=.

+/-data:xyz; Include only/exclude objects with data 'xyz'
+/-isPlanet:true; Include only/exclude planets
+/-property:xyz; Include only/exclude objects with property 'xyz'
+/-unid:xyz; Include only/exclude objects with UNID 'xyz'

Order doesn't matter as long as multi-character items end with semicolons.
If the source is nil, the center of the system is used for position,
and other criteria related to the source are ignored.

(sysFindObjectAtPos source criteria pos [destPos]) -> list of objects
(sysGetData [nodeID] attrib) -> data
(sysGetEnvironment pos) -> environmentUNID
(sysGetItemBuyPrice [nodeID] item) -> price (or Nil)
(sysGetLevel [nodeID]) -> level
(sysGetLightIntensity pos) -> intensity (0-100)
(sysGetName [nodeID]) -> name
(sysGetNavPathPoint sovereignID objFrom objTo %%path) -> vector
(sysGetNode) -> nodeID
(sysGetNodes) -> list of nodeIDs
(sysGetObjectByName [source] name) -> obj
(sysGetPOV) -> obj
(sysGetProperty [nodeID] property) -> value


'level The level of the system
'name The name of the system
'pos Node position on map (x y)
(sysGetRandomLocation criteria [options]) -> location or Nil


'objType Type (UNID) of object to place (optional)
'remove If True, remove location


'attribs The attributes for the location
'orbit The orbital parameters
'pos The location position
(sysGetStargateDestination [nodeID] gateID) -> (nodeID gateID)
(sysGetStargateDestinationNode [nodeID] gateID) -> nodeID
(sysGetStargates [nodeID]) -> list of gateIDs
(sysGetSystemType [nodeID]) -> systemUNID
(sysGetTopologyDistance fromID toID) -> distance (or Nil)
(sysGlobals) -> list of global symbols
(sysHasAttribute [nodeID] attrib) -> True/Nil
(sysHitScan source startPos endPos [options]) -> (obj hitPos) or Nil


(sysHitTest source pos [options]) -> obj or Nil


(sysIncData [nodeID] attrib increment) -> new value
(sysIsKnown [nodeID]) -> True/Nil
(sysMatches [nodeID] criteria) -> True/Nil
(sysOrbit center radius angle [eccentricity rotation]) -> orbit
(sysOrbitPos orbit [options]) -> vector

Options parameter is a struct with the following fields:

'angleOffset:n +/- n degrees along orbit arc
'arcOffset:n +/- n light-seconds along orbit arc
'radiusOffset:n +/- n light-seconds radius

For arcOffset and radiusOffset, n may also be a list with the followingformats:

(list 'gaussian min max)
(sysPlaySound unid [sourceObj]) -> True/Nil
(sysPoolUsage) -> list of resource usage
(sysSetData [nodeID] attrib data) -> data
(sysSetEnvironment unid shape options) -> True/Nil


Creates an arc along an orbit. Options must include the
following fields:

'orbit: This is the orbit to use. The arc will be
centered on the current orbit position (e.g., the
planet location).
'length: The length of the arc (in degrees).
'width: The width at the center of the arc (in light-

Creates a random environment along the orbit. Options
must include the following fields:

'orbit: This is the orbit to use.
'width: The average width of the ring, in light-

Creates a square patch. Options must include the
following fields:

'center: The center position of the patch.
'height: The height of the patch (in light-seconds).
'width: The width of the patch (in light-seconds).
(sysSetKNown [nodeID] [True/Nil]) -> True/Nil
(sysSetPOV obj|vector) -> True/Nil
(sysSetProperty [nodeID] property value) -> True/Nil


'pos Node position on map (x y)
(sysStartTime) -> True/Nil
(sysStopTime duration except) -> True/Nil
(sysStopTime targetList duration) -> True/Nil
(sysTicks) -> int
(sysVectorAdd vector vector) -> vector
(sysVectorAngle vector) -> angle of vector
(sysVectorAngle pos1 pos2) -> angle of pos1 relative to pos2
(sysVectorDistance vector [vector]) -> distance in light-seconds (int32)
(sysVectorDistanceExact vector [vector]) -> distance in light-seconds or speed as a fraction of c (real)
(sysVectorDivide vector scalar) -> vector
(sysVectorMultiply vector scalar) -> vector
(sysVectorPixelOffset center x y) -> vector

center is either Nil, an object, or a vector
(sysVectorPolarOffset center angle radius) -> vector

center is either Nil, an object, or a vector
radius in light-seconds
(sysVectorPolarVelocity angle speed) -> velVector
(sysVectorRandom center radius minSeparation [filter]) -> vector

center is either Nil, an object, or a vector
radius in light-seconds from center (or a function)
minSeparation is the min distance from other objects (in light-seconds)
filter defines the set of objects to be away from
(sysVectorSpeed velVector) -> %% of light speed
(sysVectorSubtract vector vector) -> vector
(tan x ['degrees]) -> z
(typAddRecurringTimerEvent unid interval event)

interval in ticks
(typAddTimerEvent unid delay event)

delay in ticks
(typCancelTimerEvent unid event) -> True/Nil
(typCreate unid XML) -> True/Nil
(typDynamicUNID uniqueName) -> UNID
(typeOf item) -> type


(typFind criteria) -> list of UNIDs


a AdventureDesc
b ItemTable
c EffectType
d DockScreen
e SpaceEnvironmentType
f OverlayType
h ShipTable
i ItemType
m Image
n MissionType
p Power
q SystemTable
s ShipClass
t StationType
T StationType (structure-scale)
u Sound
v Sovereign
x Type (generic)
y SystemType
z SystemMap
$ EconomyType

V Include virtual types
+/-{attrib} Require/exclude types with given attribute
=n; Level comparisons (also supports < etc.)
(typFireEvent unid event [data]) -> result of event
(typFireObjEvent unid obj event) -> result of event
(typGetData unid attrib) -> data
(typGetDataField unid field) -> data
(typGetProperty unid property) -> value

property (all):


property (player ships):


property (ships):


(typGetStaticData unid attrib) -> data
(typGetXML unid) -> xmlElement
(typHasAttribute unid attrib) -> True/Nil
(typHasEvent unid event) -> True/Nil
(typIncData unid attrib [increment]) -> new value
(typMarkImages unid) -> True/Nil
(typMatches unid criteria) -> True/Nil
(typSetData unid attrib data) -> True/Nil
(typTranslate unid textID [data] [default]) -> text (or Nil)
(uiCanPlayMusic filename) -> True/Nil
(uiGetMusicCatalog) -> list of files
(uiGetMusicState) -> ('playing filename position length)
(uiPlayMusic filename [pos]) -> True/Nil
(uiQueueSoundtrack soundtrackUNID [options]) -> True/Nil
(uiSetSoundtrackMode mode [soundtrackUNID]) -> True/Nil
(unvEntity entity) -> unid
(unvEntity unid) -> entity
(unvFindObject [nodeID] criteria) -> list of entries


s ShipClass
t StationType
T StationType (structure-scale)
V Include virtual objects
+/-{attrib} Require/exclude types with given attribute

+/-unid:{unid} Require/exclude types of given unid
=n; Level comparisons (also supports < etc.)

({objID} {type} {nodeID} {objName} {objNameFlags})
(unvGetCurrentExtensionUNID) -> UNID
(unvGetElapsedGameTime [startTick] endTick format) -> result


display: Elapsed time in display format.
seconds: Elapsed time in game seconds.
(unvGetExtensionData scope attrib) -> data
(unvGetRealDate) -> (year month day) GMT
(unvGetTick) -> time
(unvSetExtensionData scope attrib data) -> True/Nil


(unvSetObjectKnown [nodeID] criteria [True/Nil]) -> True/Nil
(unvUNID string) -> (unid 'itemtype name) or (unid 'shipclass name)
(v* scalar vec1) -> result of scalar multiplication of scalar and vec1
(v+ vec1 vec2) -> result of vector addition of vec1 and vec2
(v-> vec1 indexlist) -> get the elements of vec1 based on indexlist
(v<- vec1 indexlist datalist) -> set the elements of vec1 with datalist based on the indices in indexlist
(v= vec1 vec2) -> compare vec1 and vec2 for equality
(v^ vec1 vec2) -> result of element-wise multiplication of vec1 and vec2
(vdot vec1 vec2) -> result of vector dot product of vec1 and vec2
(vecCreate) -> empty vector
(vecSetElement ...)
(vector contentlist) -> vector form of contentlist
(vfilled scalar shapelist) -> vector filled with scalar's value
(xmlAppendSubElement xml xmlToAdd [index]) -> True/Nil
(xmlAppendText xml text [index]) -> True/Nil
(xmlCreate xml) -> xml
(xmlDeleteSubElement xml index) -> True/Nil
(xmlGetAttrib xml attrib) -> value
(xmlGetAttribList xml) -> list of attribs
(xmlGetSubElement xml tag|index) -> xml
(xmlGetSubElementCount xml) -> number of sub-elements
(xmlGetSubElementList xml [tag]) -> list of xml
(xmlGetTag xml) -> tag
(xmlGetText xml index) -> text (index should usually be 0, i.e. before the first subelement)
(xmlSetAttrib xml attrib value) -> value
(xmlSetText xml text [index]) -> True/Nil

Mod prefixes: 0xA010 (registered) and 0xDCC8 (miscellaneous)

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D E P R E C A T E D   F U N C T I O N S

armGetHitPoints: DEPRECATED: Use (itmGetProperty item 'maxHP) instead.
armGetName: DEPRECATED: Use itmGetName instead.
armIsRadiationImmune: DEPRECATED: Use itmGetProperty instead.
envHasAttribute: DEPRECATED: Use typHasAttribute instead
fncHelp: (fncHelp symbol) -> help on function symbol (works on deprecated functions)
item: DEPRECATED: Alias of @
itmGetCharges: DEPRECATED: Use (itmGetProperty item 'charges) instead.
itmGetDefaultCurrency: DEPRECATED: Use (itmGetProperty item 'currency) instead.
itmGetGlobalData: DEPRECATED: Use itemGetTypeData instead.
itmGetUNID: DEPRECATED: Use itemGetType instead
itmHasModifier: DEPRECATED: Use itmHasAttribute instead.
itmIsDamaged: DEPRECATED: Use (itmGetProperty item 'damaged) instead
itmSetCharges: DEPRECATED: Use (itmSetProperty item 'charges ...) instead
itmSetDamaged: DEPRECATED: Use (itmSetProperty item 'damaged ...) instead
itmSetGlobalData: DEPRECATED: Use itmSetTypeData instead.
objGetDefaultCurrency: DEPRECATED: Use (objGetProperty obj 'currency) instead.
objGetDestiny: DEPRECATED: Use (objGetProperty obj 'destiny) instead.
objGetDeviceFireArc: DEPRECATED: Use objGetItemProperty instead.
objGetDeviceLinkedFireOptions: DEPRECATED: Use objGetItemProperty instead.
objGetDevicePos: DEPRECATED: Use objGetItemProperty instead.
objGetGlobalData: DEPRECATED: Use objGetTypeData instead.
objGetSovereign: DEPRECATED: Use (objGetProperty obj 'sovereign) instead.
objGetStaticDataForStationType: DEPRECATED: Use typGetStaticData instead.
objIncItemCharges: DEPRECATED: Use (objSetItemProperty obj item 'incCharges ...) instead
objIsAbandoned: DEPRECATED: Use objGetProperty instead.
objIsDeviceEnabled: DEPRECATED: Use objGetItemProperty instead.
objIsUnderAttack: DEPRECATED: Use objGetProperty instead.
objMoveTo: DEPRECATED: Use objSetPos instead
objSetDeviceFireArc: DEPRECATED: Use objSetItemProperty instead.
objSetDeviceLinkedFireOptions: DEPRECATED: Use objSetItemProperty instead.
objSetDevicePos: DEPRECATED: Use objSetItemProperty instead.
objSetGlobalData: DEPRECATED: Use objSetTypeData instead.
objSetItemCharges: DEPRECATED: Use (objSetItemProperty obj item 'charges ...) instead
objSetSovereign: DEPRECATED: Use (objSetProperty obj 'sovereign sovereign) instead.
plyClearShowHelpRefuel: DEPRECATED: Use (plyEnableMessage player 'refuelHint Nil) instead
plyGetInsuranceClaims: DEPRECATED: Use resurrection infrastructure instead.
plyInsure: DEPRECATED: Use resurrection infrastructure instead.
plyIsInsured: DEPRECATED: Use resurrection infrastructure instead.
scrExitDock: DEPRECATED: Use scrExitScreen instead.
scrGetItemListCursor: DEPRECATED: Use scrGetItem instead
scrRefreshItemListCursor: DEPRECATED
setItem: DEPRECATED: Alias of [email protected]
shpAddEnergyField: DEPRECATED: Use objAddOverlay instead
shpCanInstallArmor: DEPRECATED: Use objCanInstallItem instead.
shpCanInstallDevice: DEPRECATED: Use objCanInstallItem instead.
shpDamageItem: DEPRECATED: Use (objSetItemProperty obj item 'damaged ...) instead
shpEnhanceSRS: DEPRECATED: Use objChangeEquipmentStatus instead
shpFixBlindness: DEPRECATED: Use objChangeEquipmentStatus instead
shpGetClass: DEPRECATED: Use objGetType instead
shpGetDataField: DEPRECATED: Use typGetDataField instead
shpGetGlobalData: DEPRECATED: Use typGetGlobalData instead
shpGetItemCharges: DEPRECATED: Use itmGetCharges instead
shpInstallAutopilot: DEPRECATED: Use objChangeEquipmentStatus instead
shpInstallTargetingComputer: DEPRECATED: Use objChangeEquipmentStatus instead
shpIsAutopilotInstalled: DEPRECATED: Use objGetEquipmentStatus instead
shpIsRadioactive: DEPRECATED: Use objIsRadioactive instead
shpIsSRSEnhanced: DEPRECATED: Use objGetEquipmentStatus instead
shpIsTargetingComputerInstalled: DEPRECATED: Use objGetEquipmentStatus instead
shpMakeBlind: DEPRECATED: Use objChangeEquipmentStatus instead
shpOrderAttack: DEPRECATED: Use (shpOrder ship 'attack target) instead
shpOrderDock: DEPRECATED: Use (shpOrder ship 'dock target) instead
shpOrderEscort: DEPRECATED: Use (shpOrder ship 'escort obj [formation]) instead
shpOrderFollow: DEPRECATED: Use (shpOrder ship 'follow target) instead
shpOrderGate: DEPRECATED: Use (shpOrder ship 'gate [gate]) instead
shpOrderGoto: DEPRECATED: Use (shpOrder ship 'goto obj) instead
shpOrderGuard: DEPRECATED: Use (shpOrder ship 'guard target) instead
shpOrderHold: DEPRECATED: Use (shpOrder ship 'hold [time]) instead
shpOrderLoot: DEPRECATED: Use (shpOrder ship 'loot obj) instead
shpOrderMine: DEPRECATED: Use (shpOrder ship 'mine baseObj) instead
shpOrderPatrol: DEPRECATED: Use (shpOrder ship 'patrol baseObj dist) instead
shpOrderWait: DEPRECATED: Use (shpOrder ship 'wait [time]) instead
shpRechargeItem: DEPRECATED: Use (objSetItemProperty obj item 'incCharges ...) instead
shpSetGlobalData: DEPRECATED: Use typSetGlobalData instead
shpSetPlayerWingman: DEPRECATED: Use (objSetProperty ship 'playerWingman ...) instead.
staGetGlobalData: DEPRECATED: Use typGetGlobalData instead
staGetMaxStructuralHP: DEPRECATED: Use objGetProperty instead.
staGetStructuralHP: DEPRECATED: Use objGetProperty instead.
staGetType: DEPRECATED: Use objGetType instead
staSetGlobalData: DEPRECATED: Use typSetGlobalData instead
staSetInactive: DEPRECATED: Use staSetActive instead
staSetStructuralHP: DEPRECATED: Use objSetProperty instead.
typGetGlobalData: DEPRECATED: Use typGetData instead.
typIncGlobalData: DEPRECATED: Use typIncData instead.
typSetGlobalData: DEPRECATED: Use typSetData instead.
unvFindObj: DEPRECATED: Use unvFindObject instead.


Mod prefixes: 0xA010 (registered) and 0xDCC8 (miscellaneous)

My mods on Xelerus: Click here!

Of all the things I’ve lost in life, I miss my mind the least. (I’m having a lot more fun without it!)
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