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Militia Captain
Militia Captain
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Wed Aug 01, 2018 8:39 am

This was mentioned a while back but never happened AFAIK. With the release of 1.8 and the updating of the mod section of the Multiverse coming soon it seems a good time to start this topic.

So if there is a mod you like but it doesn't work anymore or doesn't work as well as it did in previous versions, name it here and maybe someone can make it work.
Also mention any improvements that you think might be useful if added to the mod too.
Also if you can provide details about what needs updating or what bugs are in the mods that would be really helpful.
Note this is only for mods where the writer has been inactive for a long time. Otherwise contact the mod writer to suggest features, request improvements or report bugs.

Two mods that come to mind are the Captain's Log mod and the Network mod (both of which I'm updating as much as possible).

Captain's Log/ShipLog is a great mod. The most useful feature IMO from among the many, many useful features it has is the searchable inventory of the stations that the player has visited.
So you can always find where an item is that you have seen previously.
There are a couple of rough versions in the Captain's Log forum topic but there are still a couple of bugs in them.

The Network mod is a great, and massive, adventure. There is a version on xelerus which works in 1.7 but versions for 1.8b1 or higher suffer from big lag caused by the Trading Computer so it'll be a while before there is another version released.

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Sun Aug 05, 2018 12:39 am

Sure, I got one. Playership Drones! I never did like making a cloud of drones to follow me around, but the ability to hijack destroyed enemy ships and fly them around was awesome! I loved flying a Charon Frigate, and one time I snagged a Worldship.

Of course maintaining the whole complex mod would take a lot of work. But I do wish I could hijack a frigate again...

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Sun Aug 05, 2018 1:52 pm

It will be a while (no time table set) before I get back to Playership Drones. At the moment, I am busy updating another mod, or rather, updating it sporadically due to real life. (I thought my aforementioned update was be finished last month, but... I was delayed.) That said, I would like to resume work on Playership Drones to exploit the new 1.8 beta features.
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