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george moromisato
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Thu Feb 07, 2019 11:40 pm

In a couple of week I should have Transcendence 1.8 released. At that point, I'd like to dedicate a couple of weeks to work on Anacreon. I'll finish up Era 4 work (some bugfixes) and get started on Era 5.

I'll post a more detailed plan after Transcendence 1.8.

Nova Andromeda
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Mon Feb 11, 2019 4:17 am

That would be amazing! I really love this game and the stand alone version from the way back machine. I just got back to messing with it after real life settled down a bit and a new Era 5 is like an early birthday.

Would you prefer feedback / bug reports on the forums, the Anacreon Dev on ministry, or both?

My current personal wish list:
- Fix the shortages bug that kills population. On consumer goods autofac worlds needing life support, the consumer goods will sometimes try to take 100% of production and leave the life support below what is necessary (i.e., consumer autofac % + life support autofac % > 100% which appears to be the bug). This should never happen. Life support should always have priority to both WU and trillium resources. 2nd priority should be given to consumer goods necessary to support the population (plus a buffer). Everything else (including export to trade hubs should be 3rd priority).
-Trade hub resource import balancing for consumer goods doesn't appear to work correctly. Some consumer goods worlds will have export requests for more than they can produce while others will have 0 export requests despite shortages and large stock piles. This all happens simultaneously.
- The many fleets exploit should be fixed. It is possible to create many 1 ship fleets and 1 large fleet and invade a planet. Defensive fire will waste time on each fleet one by one until the large fleet has destroyed them not having been shot at even once. I like the suggestion of merging all all allied fleets into 1 big fleet with a combined attack and defense. Targeting should be whatever is in range gets shot at. If nothing is in range, move into range of the nearest orbit with a target.
- Fix the orbit and targeting bugs. 1st, it is impossible to see all the targets and fleets at a normal browser zoom level and thus impossible to manually target or even set orbits for some fleets. 2nd, the orbits you set do not stick for more than what seems a few seconds.

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