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Militia Captain
Militia Captain
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I saw the RTF IDs and hoped to use them to change the text color in customPicker lists. Alas, the results are not as expected. See image.

Will this ever work or does the RTF format only work in non-list displays. I have played around with it before with similar results. If it can happen, HELP!

The image is from a customPicker dockscreen that uses a <Display> element.

here's the list code:

Code: Select all

				;Add trading post order status to name.
	{title: (if (and (objMatches theObj Nil "*+unid:&stCorporateTradingPost;;")
			(eq (objGetData theObj "OrderCount") 1)
		(cat (objGetName theObj) ": Order used.")
		(objGetName theObj)
	icon: (switch
		(eq (objGetType theObj) &stStKatsArcology;)
			(resCreateImageDesc &rsStKatsArcologyHero; 0 0 800 528)

		(eq (objGetType theObj) &stShipwreck;)
			(resCreateImageDesc &rsCSC; 0 0 370 370)

		(objGetImageDesc theObj)
	desc: (typTranslate &baD789CommandersLogBase; 'textEnemy)
And the RTF ID.

Code: Select all

<RTF id="textEnemy">
		{/f:Medium;/c:#777777; Disposition:} "Enemy"
I have tried adding parameters to the typTranslate code but still only got code showing.
Any ideas?
rtf trouble.JPG
rtf trouble.JPG (115.12 KiB) Viewed 3824 times
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