cargo space smuggler lining mod

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From a great idea by rhuber.

The mod adds an action to the Black Market stations and shipyards which lets the player line the existing cargo space on the playership, not installed holds, to prevent illegal items from being detected. Same as installing a smuggler's hold but without using a slot and there is no increase in cargo space.
Go to the dock services Misc Device screen and select the cargo hold slot to see the "Shield Cargo Space" action.
It is disabled if the playership has a cargo hold installed or if the cargo space has already been lined.
Otherwise it costs 10 credits per ton of cargo space with a minimum of 1000 credits.
The Ship's Interior screen shows "scan-shielded cargo space" if the hold has been lined.

Needs 1.8.1 (API 44).
Overwrites standard game sovereign &svCommonwealth;, standard game dockscreen &dsCommonwealthConfiscate; and standard game lambda 'rpgGetShipDetails'.
Not tested with CC or EP and not much testing in SOTP either.

It might be possible to use a virtual or no-slot item. This might prevent the need for the overwriting. Currently playership object data 'shieldedHold is set to 'True' when the lining is installed.

Known issues.
The shielding isn't preserved if you swap ships at a ship broker and then buy the original ship back. I assume ship broking is clearing the object data.

And since the confiscation code was being altered anyway there is also a smuggling cache included in the mod. This is an item which allows 50kg of drugs to be hidden from customs when in the cargo hold. At this stage the cache loads itself with the heaviest 50kg of illegal items (max item mass 5kg). In the next version the player will be able to load them with whichever items they want.
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