Variant Tinker Facility that Repairs and Missions

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I think there could be a Tinker Facility that helps players repair items besides only proprietary facilities such as a Makayev Manufacturing Facility.

This "repair" function at the Tinker Facility requires the player to send either broken parts or a significant cost or a mix to repair the item. After the first time the item is repaired, the Tinker would charge less from the player because they now understand how the item works and is thankful for the player to help them figure it out.

For example: I have a 3 broken laser arrays. To fix this item, I need either 3200 credits or 4 broken laser arrays. Each additional broken laser array reduces the cost of researching the damaged item by 800 credits. I give 3 broken laser arrays and 800 credits. The Tinkers give me one free laser array for helping their research. In the future, the cost of fixing a broken laser array is reduced to only 500 credits.

This exchange of broken items and/or credits for a repaired item allows the player to repair rarer items.

Working well with the Tinkers could increase your relationship and help you access rarer Custom Works. For example, Dual Mark IIIs could be locked until you help them out with their research more. Other ways to boost relationships would be similar to Dvalin and that you would have to donate damage items for "Tinker Curiosity".

For example, the initial boost in relationship with Tinkers would allow you to make an Omnidirectional Turbolaser with a Turbolaser and an Omnidirectional Laser Turret. Further boosts in relationship could allow for a custom "Tinker Gauss Cannon", which is basically a Ballista Cannon using an upsized Flensor mechanical system to launch a massive slug at nearly the speed of light.
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Kinda remind me of Remoras from VOTG. I think it would be a nice idea, using somewhat like the Rank system to open new features like new items to craft or etc.
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