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Tue Mar 17, 2020 11:48 pm

Attached are 2 modules.
One is a basic mission UNID with all the events and language elements I know about. This can be copied into your mod and the unnecessary code deleted. Much easier than starting from scratch.

The other is a copy of George's reference mission, "Destroy Threat to Commonwealth Habitat". It has info on every event included. I have added some comments.
Note: the <CanCreate> and <OnDeliveryMissionCompleted> events and the "AcceptLabel" and "Decline Label" language elements have been added.
<CanCreate> was introduced in API 43 and will not work in prior API versions (damhik :)).
The <OnDeliveryMissionCompleted> event has been added as it contains info from a forum reply by giantcabbage even though this is not a 'deliveryMission' mission.
IMPORTANT: Because of the added content this isn't a working mission, it is only for reference and information.

I copy the basic module into my mods and then if I am using an event I copy the comments for that event into the mission code. This gives all the available info but doesn't make the file huge and difficult to navigate.

For examples on how to use the events, search the source code for the event, eg "<OnDeclined>". This will usually give you code examples to help decipher what the code should look like.

Some scenarios to handle in missions:
a ship or station destroyed by the player,
a ship or station destroyed but not by the player,
a ship or station geting angry (cannot dock)
the player being promoted,
the player being blacklisted,
the player having their Fleet status revoked,
the playership becoming radioactive,
not enough room in the playership cargo hold for the reward items.
These can all affect the mission or block mission completion.
basic mission outline.xml
(3.49 KiB) Not downloaded yet
commented mission outline.xml
(14.43 KiB) Not downloaded yet
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