Rewards...(Updated / ReUploaded)

Post about your finished mods here.
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Actually not a reward , I just never changed the started out as a bounty idea but the latest versions give the triage bounties so my idea was run over and murdered by faster brains :)

This was done on 1.9.1 Beta A w/ Corporate Command Enabled.

I again put traffic commerce back to the traffic and adjusted a few stations to buy or sell to traffic ( places where you can't buy or sell from normally like the hotel , fuel depot ).

I use Corporate Command and wanted to bring back my Corporate it's in there with a corporate Command station and I used it on the ice farm ( leaving the regular battle autons for the training day mission in the start.

it's just one page .xml not very fancy.
you can get it off my google drive - xelerus gave me trouble so i just went to my drive.

ReUploaded... ... sp=sharing
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