What is a good mining ship ?

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I like the new mining things . But what is a good mining ship ?
I think one with a large cargo space and a a good layout for different weapons for different mining.
Helgoland is big but lacks weapons
The Evren looks good because of the 9 slots.

I haven't really checked out the mining launcher.
Personally I don't like launchers because missiles costs money.
On the other hand, it gives you flexibality to change missiles for different mining.

Are there any mining autons ? Would be cool.
What do you think ?
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The mining launcher is weak against metallic asteroids regardless of ammo used because they are all missiles. If you want to mine with the launcher, all you need to mine everything are thermo missiles. Blast missiles will not mine level 8 or higher ore. Thermo and plasma will mine everything in part 1.

All you really need is enough slots to mount one or two mining weapons, a mining hold, and everything else you need for basic functions. Ships limited to two weapons have it rough.

Evern is one of the top two ships in the game (the other being Minotaur). For mining, Evern is probably the best ship that can do everything.

There are no mining autons without mods.

With Corporate Command active, plasma torch and omni ion drill should be plenty to mine everything.
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Mining Autons : the original mining Auton is "glitched" in the latest versions - no fault of the auton's. I believe it's the rocks that are the issue but never compared them to sort it out.

The Lander Auton can still function and locate the rocks with ore, I use it in my personal games along with the Packer Auton. ( some false positives are likely to happen w/ the Lander, but 99% of the time the Lander is on target )

I can't seem to locate the lander auton on xelerus, but I have a copy on my google drive. : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GjhWUR ... sp=sharing

The Packer is still here : http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=mod&id=732

In the beginning of the game mining is my big thing, I mine up my credits to fund the adventure until I am strong enough to kill and loot like a mad wabbit :)

I use the Lander to find the rocks, shoot them up and have the Packer collect - I don't require the miner's cargohold that way so it does not matter the ship, I would like to see a AUXMining device set up so players could grab and go when the ship is limited on weapons..the AUX devices I use are limited to my mod .xmls .
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