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A long ago, when ship broker was on early development, I suggested Ronin to become playership along with other. But it didn't manage. So I create this mods for anyone who wants to play with Ronin ship (I used Ronin/C model). While Ronin has relatively large hitbox, it's suprisingly agile and versatile. However, they have low slots (6 default slots) so I raised it to 8 slots. This ship available as starter and ship broker up to level 4 system.

I also added Borer playership as well. I used Borer-II model so it is relatively faster (0.12c) compared with first version (0.10c). They also has large cargo: 250 tons base cargo + 150 tons mining cargo (Maximum 500 tons). Borer ship are slow and less agile, but their maneuverability allows you to shoot asteroid accurately without mouse support. Thus, making ship is best for mining activity. This ship also available as starter and ship broker up to level 4 system.

These ships is available as starter ship and in ship broker in SOTP scenario. You can download from my signature or here. However, I haven't play Eternity Port yet, so this mods is not available on that scenario as starter ship. They may available as ship broker.

Also, I should mention another mods that made by Balentius. This mods contain Armstrong-class transport as playership. You can check its thread at:
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