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Beginning in Eridani, leaving wife and kids at the call of a higher power, F50 set out on his journey towards the galactic core. Sure of Domina's call, I refused a doctor who insinuated his insanity. Early on, I found myself rather wealthy, quickly gathering up 5k and spending it just as quickly on a suite of devices. Most particularly a Solon Shield Generator. That shield generator proved invaluable against the laser-bearing weapons of the pre-Rigel pirates. I dredged up a SmartCannon which allowed me to dodge incoming kinetic fire while still dishing it out, without using my (at the time) valuable tracking missiles. In general, I was astounded at the tech availability in my home system. Also the sheer credits available in the home system. With the handy-dandy trading cargo hold I was as much an armored delivery service as a fighting pilgrim. While I had known some of the more valuable trade routes prior to acquiring the hold, knowing exactly how much per unit something was worth at the station next to it proved to be one of the better parts of my income for a long time.

In the system after Eridani, I gave mining a try, and it was a good try, leaving me with an excess of credits, a mining weapon, an omni-laser (which I forgot that I couldn't use with my Solon ^^). Eventually I stumbled upon a trading computer ROM. Elated, I sold my trading cargo hold and used only the mining cargo hold that I had purchased for that purpose. Swapping between the holds was not only slightly expensive, but annoying, as most of my cargo would have to be jettisoned into a small space container before making the switch. Selling scrap proved to be quite valuable in and of itself, Tinker stations were very available, there was one prior to Rigel and one after. With the smartcannon, missiles, and mining weapon, I arrived at the Rigel Arena. After fighting the weaker opponents that lacked missile launchers, I explored the next system, and almost immediately died.

Thankfully Domina sustained me through the Ronin-C and Heliotrope attack. Retreating somewhat chastened to Rigel, I did some more trading runs and then used my vast riches to buy insurance, a Nova-150, and a full Omsk set. Also a dual particle cannon, which I enhanced with speed. Explored a couple systems after Rigel, made some more cash running goods to hotels, joined Korolov and got a targeting ROM. Big upgrade, despite the tech availability I had never found one of these. I never did advance very far in the freight company's service, as once the Charon Pirate Stronghold was dealt with, there was no longer a need. Being able to purchase from the best of tech VI (except for shields, that shield generator seems very cyclotron-esque), and even some of tech VII in Rigel was a bit of a shock. I held out on purchasing a howitzer. After all, I have enough longbows to deal with anything I might come across. It isn't like the stations around here would purchase the amount I have on hand anyways. Starbursts fire prematurely, they are exceedingly useless though. Sold.

Before taking on Charon, I decide to face the slicer. Never did get close to Katami, so I ignored the request of his former mentee. The placement of the arena made that trip quite inconvenient, and besides, I needed the black market for fusion triggers. Speaking of which, I put those together with the Tinkers for ninety or so Lucifer missiles. I figured I'd need a bunch to take out the Slicer. Turns out that while the Slicer is very dangerous, with missiles that strong I only needed about five. Well, I guess I'll be lugging around these expensive missiles for a long time indeed.

The Korolov Station in Charon was...very, very, very dead. The Corsair-IIs were doable, but the Drakes were just so hard to kill. The Charon Pirates did not survive their mistake, however. Though, they nearly did. That stronghold almost killed me. In fact, since the stations weapons were good enough, I switched to Stilettos so I could dodge and still take the station out. St. Katherine's star was amazing in beauty, but underwhelming in tech. Guess they imported all the best tech to Rigel recently. Benedict is a very troubled person. I acquired a Particle enhancing device for my dual particle beam, but my other weapons, even my Omni Turbolaser +40%, are decidedly unimpressive. My NAMI launcher is all I need to destroy large ships. I hold out on purchasing a howitzer again, figuring I can find a better anti-station weapon later.

Actually, my Omni Turbolaser is just what I need to free some slaves. The way that Domina frees slaves is disturbing, but it is her strength that keeps me going. I bring slaves to the commonwealth also, and that is less disturbing. I notice the travel warning at St. Kathrine's Star and choose to ignore it. I am going well beyond the Commonwealth anyways. More slaves are freed. The Sung really need to step up their game, their ships are one shot by my Turbolaser. I am given some globs of antimatter as a thanks. I don't know what to do with them, so I handle them gingerly. Something tells me they will be very useful later. Viking IIs are no match for Jenna and I, though to be fair, I don't think she's as ready to explore this sector of space as she claims. The superfreighters are safe.

At the second jump past St. Kathrine's I find that Marauders, however, are not safe. Tripoli-class destroyers might not be a match for me when unguarded, but together with their escorts I am unable to take them head on at all. I was trying to keep repaired at a Militia station, but only eneded up involving the station as well. The barbary-class is annoying. Domina directly keeps her pilgrim safe. Jenna also probably saved my life, I'll think better of her. Sadly, though she survived the encounter in which she came to my rescue, the continuing fight between myself, the militia, and the Marauders left substantial casualties on the Militia side, her included. I take a drink at the station bar in her honor, then another the next day. A fellow named Rama offered to help me, and I did not refuse.

I'm not getting any richer out here fighting on my own, that is worrying as I move slowly towards the core. Rama is impressive, to say the least. He is hardy, accurate, and his primary weapon substantially outclasses my own, even enhanced as it is. I feel that in a past life the Katana was not as impressive as it is now. I find my first TeV, and give it a pass. My lack of a howitzer or other decent capital-ship-cracker is starting to take its toll. My mining implement is very outdated. Rather than feel like Jiang's Star is far away, I feel its nearness looming...
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1000 posts! You made it a good one too.

I hope you will continue your recap in a similar format, it was great read.
I'm not getting any richer out here fighting on my own, that is worrying as I move slowly towards the core.
I know that feeling!
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