Optional Black Market rerward-Gorynich class missileship

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Since BM is still being fleshed out and doesn't have top level reward, allow me to put forward this. Available through dialogue as an option, Gorynich is a jack of all trades ship with endgame power comparable to Minotaur. Basic stats:

Max Speed: .23c
Thrust/Mass: 9.0
Maneuverability: 20

10 device slots, no restrictions except for built-in launcher
150 tons cargo+50 tons expansion
Armour: 4x massive maximum

The unique feature would be its non-removable launcher: Makayev Swivel Launcher. It's a Makayev Launcher mounted on a 60 degree (30 to each side) swivel with built-in 50%-100% damage adjustment (just enough to put Black and Red Strelka to DPS comparable with +40% NAMI Heavy Launcher) and special feature: missile manufacture. It wouldn't be automatic, but would gradually produce series of missiles when you feed it fuel or energy ore, including several unique types.
Uranium ore or rods: Blue Strelka. Deals 20 pt thermo damage and contaminates the target. Illegal.
Helium rods or regolith: White Strelka
Helium assemblies: Green Strelka
Xenotite rods or ore: Red Strelka
Pteractinium rods or ore: Black Strelka
Hadron-vacuum rods or equivalent ore: Yellow Strelka. Creates 50 pt plasma cloud in small area.
Longzhu sphere: Purple Strelka. 40 pt antimatter damage.

I've got an idea how the ship should look, but frankly I'm terrible at drawing. I'll do my best with some basic program like Paintbrush, but don't expect it soon.
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