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Because I planning much more with mission mods, finally I decided to create a thread exclusively for mission mods project. Here I will post updates of my mission mods project. You can check the development thread here.

So, what's new today? Well not a lot but the updates quite significant.

New Mod: Four Powers Errands

This mods add more missions for Four Powers in Eternity Port; such as North Atlantic Union, Eurasian Diarchy, Asia-Pacific Directorate, and United States of Africa. Currently only escort freighter from gate mission on each factions. The mission is available almost all station that owned by them. In future, I will add more varied missions.

Other Updates

Civil Workouts Version 1.1
- Added new mission, "Destroy Threat to Station".
"There is %targetName% giving me trouble lately. Preying vulnerable citizen and disrupting our trade route. Later they might have gut to commence raid on our station.

"Your job is to destroy them. I will give you %payment% for this job. Are you willing to take it?"
Pretty similar with common destroy enemy station.

Tours of Duty Version 1.09
- Added new behavior on chased Sapiens ship. Now they randomly go to other position twice before go to their base.
- Added new mission, "Investigate Distress Signal / Ambush".
The captain looks down at a screen.

"I want you to investigate a distress call sent out by a Commonwealth freighter. It sounds like they're under attack.

"We'll pay %reward% if you help them. Clear?"
This mission is disguised as "Rescue Freighter" from volunteer mission. But turn out when you approach it, you are ambushed by the Drake missileship. Try to survive and destroy them.

Shady Ventures Version 1.02
- Reworked for mission 03, now you may ambushed by Commonwealth militia.

You can download at here or on my signature.
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