More attacks types may be misvalued for balance.

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Fri Aug 05, 2016 12:26 am

Radius attacks, such as XM900 explosions, have a 0.5 damage multiplier for balance calculations. That might have been useful before the recent fix to radius attacks. Now, radius attacks usually hit for full damage, provided minRadius is at least 1 and target surface is near explosion point. The only time attacker may not get full damage is if it hits deep inside a target, but that can be mitigated with failsafe to prevent fragmentation and use direct hit damage instead. Long story short, radius attacks' damage is valued by half, and they have about twice the damage of other attacks without radius damage.

Also, particle clouds with radiate, such as plasma explosions, are like fragmentation, except they have a multiplier of 1 instead of 0.2 like standard fragmentation weapons.
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