XMLAppendSubElement perhaps?

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Militia Captain
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Fri Mar 10, 2017 1:01 am

IMPORTANT EDIT: This typo was inadvertently carried over to NMS's 'xml modification tutorial' topic;

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<SellShip criteria="s; L:1-13;" priceAdj="110"/>
There should NOT be a semi-colon ; after the 's' criteria. This has been corrected further down in this post.

Is there a way to add <Trade> info to a station without overwriting the whole station code?

This is the Korolov Shipping <Trade> code

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<Trade currency="credit" max="100000" replenish="5000">
	<Sell	criteria="*NU -illegal; -notForSale; -notStandard;"	priceAdj="110"	noDescription="true"/>

	<Refuel			criteria="f +BasicFuel; L:1-5;" priceAdj="90"/>
	<RepairArmor	criteria="a L:1-8;" priceAdj="100"/>
	<ReplaceArmor	criteria="a L:1-8;" priceAdj="100"/>
	<InstallDevice	criteria="d L:1-6;" priceAdj="100"/>
	<RemoveDevice	criteria="d L:1-6;" priceAdj="100"/>
I would like to add

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	<SellShip	criteria="s L:1-13;" priceAdj="110"/>
without having to add the nearly 2000 lines of Korolov code to a mod to overwrite it.

I'm assuming, if its possible, that it would be by using XML functions, in particular XMLAppendSubElement.
Does anyone know the format to use for this? All my tries have come up as "Line 1: Mismatched quote" or "Invalid XML Element".
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Militia Captain
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Sat Mar 11, 2017 8:29 am

We've been in need of a tutorial on these functions, so I used this as an example to write one:

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