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Mon Oct 15, 2018 10:00 pm

Been a hot minute since I stopped in to poke at this game and look at stuff. What did I miss besides needing to update my DraCorp stuff for presumably many-a change?
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Wed Oct 17, 2018 4:37 am

I gave the short version on discord but...

-Corporate Command is out, polished
-Eternity Port is out, very not polished
-Part II is in alpha as an extra adventure
-The game is on steam, bundled with CC and EP
-New people in, old people gone, some old people back more recently
-Soundtrack is a thing now
-120 facings for ships
-better station art
-better weapon progression and WMD
-Ares Plasma Archcannon no longer has a 24-576 damage range (it uses the modernised particles system)
-non-critical armor is gone and the current WMD/internals system works...pretty well! (there were a few major versions where it did not)
-Commonwealth fleet is in the process of being reworked
-lstock playerships are currently a bit OP due to changes to armor and device slot limits
-Still, there are now shipyards where you can swap ships for yourself and any wingmen
-Large mods can be split into modules and libraries. it's a pain to set up but can make maintenance a lot easier
-FInnicky PNG graphics support
-No more massive credit earning from dumping fuel on ice farms
-Targeting doesn't work as well in nebula
-New missions for a tutorial and relating to Sisters of Domina/Penitents stuff
-Mining got nerfed like three times and currently lacks a few things to make it worthwhile, again
-George started doing weekly gameplay streams and is getting pretty decent at the game by now.
-TX2 became TSB and is available for testing (but not released yet)
-Sounds are still the same old three weapon and two hit sounds, but AP and I have been working on that and at some point we'll get back to work on that mod once my IRL commitments are fulfilled.
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Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:53 am

Welcome back!
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