deriving xml from items and objects

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One common thing to do in modding is making variants on a given item. ie you need a certain event on that item or you are making a variant to overwrite the original (ie making the original notrandom)

In OnGlobalTypesInit you can overwrite anything you want with dynamic types. The issue is you often don't know the original (it might be a modded item or it might be changed in a different OnGlobalTypesInit).

What I propose is a function that returns a string that fulfills this condition. (assuming not the trivial case of deriveItemXML returning a constant)

(typCreate myID (deriveItemXML otherID))
(eq (deriveItemXML myID) (deriveItemXML otherID))

This would make all mods that using this compatible with each other and would make it much easier to make existing mods compatible with each other. You could even make a system where all future mods would be compatible with your mod without changes. (not counting the changes made to the translisp)

Any thoughts or problems?
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Seconded! This would be a great check so that you don't accidentally overwrite ssHeretic or something ;)
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